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Includes: appliance repair, arts and crafts, business machine repair, fire extinguisher, electrical, electronics, telecommunications.

Ron Gallegos, Manager (24 years with M&O, manager 20 years)
35 technicians and support personnel

Craft Shops include Electrical (includes back-up emergency generators); Industrial Arts Repair; Audio Visual; Electronics; Business Machines Repair; Fire Extinguisher Service; and Elevators (inspections by City of Albuquerque and service handled by a contractor)

The Electrical Department is responsible for providing well-lighted and powered classrooms, support spaces such as libraries and gyms, and offices as cost and energy efficiently as possible. Department electricians safeguard the suitable environments for learning, reading, and sports in facilitating students to reach their education goals. While electrical components may be hidden at schools, they are fundamental to learning!

In addition to keeping all electrical and related systems running smoothing in avoiding an interruption in instruction, the Department is concurrently staying abreast of government mandated energy codes, rapidly evolving electrical technology, and prudently managing the use and replacement of ballasts, lamps, and other fixtures that are in stock but no longer manufactured. It is an artful endeavor, but important in saving energy, manpower hours and effort, and costs.

Upgrading electrical capacity to accommodate new technology and software (i.e. Discovery) in schools is fundamental to learning, and replacing antiquated systems with new low energy systems reduces APS’ electrical costs and carbon footprint. Energy conservation and a respect of Mother Earth, however, is not new to APS. The Electrical Department started switching to lower energy alternatives in 1992 (changing out Exit lights from incandescent to LED) and has picked up momentum every year, presently as energy conservation aggressive as funding allows.

The Industrial Arts Repair Shop provides the students with properly maintained equipment and tools so they can safely benefit from a practical “on the job” industrial trades and arts learning environment. Such hands-on experience aids students in making career choices with self-assurance. Shop technicians service a large array of teaching apparatus that includes science equipment; microscopes; scales and balances; sewing machines; paper cutters; kilns; potting wheels; ice machines and appliances; all auto, welding, and wood shop equipment; and numerous other pieces of instructional related machinery.

The Industrial Arts Repair Shop is responsible for the upkeep of equipment used in auto, wood, and art classes. And the Fire Extinguisher Shop keeps the District’s fire extinguisher equipment up to code and is 100% selfsufficient — no work is contracted out. With the exception of vandalism and theft of extinguishers, the Shop’s work is almost entirely PM.


Main distribution panel upgraded at four District schools and recreation facility

  • Comanche Elementary School
  • Alameda Elementary School
  • Sandia Recreation Center (available to all APS students and located in the east mountains, includes outdoor nature learning spaces and classrooms)
  • Adobe Acres Elementary School
  • Roosevelt Middle School

Upgraded lighting from high energy florescent T-12 lamps to T-8 electronic ballast systems on four campuses, saving energy and improving lighting quality

  • The entire Arroyo del Oso Elementary School campus
  • The Library at Roosevelt Middle School
  • The Cafeteria at Kirtland Elementary School
  • Four portable classrooms at McCollum Elementary School

Automatic hand dryers replaced paper towel dispensers at Cleveland Middle School

Coordinated installation of digital marquee signs at various District schools

As marquee signs are purchased and owned by the schools, they are responsible for paying for the signs and the installation costs. The new digital marquee boards are favored as it allows the schools to easily promote programs and update timely messages. Contractors engaged for this service worked under the direction of the Electrical Department as well as the Procurement Division.

Stressing safety codes continues

Regardless of experience, all electricians attend yearly safety refresher courses and weekly (every Monday) safety meetings conducted by the Manager. In the 2011-12 fiscal year, no technician was cited for noncompliance of codes stated in the National Fire Protection Association Standards for Electrical Safety in the Work Place. While tenured technicians have made tremendous progress in observing OSHA mandated codes, the Department continues to fine tune procedures that will result in compliance 100% of the time, no exceptions.

Gym retrofits completed

Started as a pilot program in 2008 at Del Norte High School, the effort was expanded District wide and completed in the 2011-12 fiscal year. Energy inefficient metal halide lighting systems were replaced with T5HO florescent lights that produce a higher quality of light at approximately 55% energy savings and a greatly reduced cost at 124 APS gyms. The dual switch system further saves energy by limiting the amount of light at any specific time, depending on the need. A school assembly requires only a few lamps, while a competitive game requires all six lamps to be fired up. Secured controls don’t allow for over-riding the dual switch system. In addition, occupancy sensors turn lights off automatically. Due to the inconvenient 15 minute heat-up required when the old lights were turned on, lights were left on all day, whether or not the gym was in use.

As many competitive events are conducted in APS gyms, the District has served as an example to other school districts and led the charge in New Mexico school districts upgrading gym lighting.

School retrofits in progress

The Department continues the conversion from magnetic ballast to electronic solid state and T-8 lamps, saving 10 watts per lamp, throughout the District; 31 schools have been completely retrofitted to date. Partial retrofits were also made possible at Wherry Elementary School and West Mesa High School due to the rebuild of Del Norte High School. The T-8 lamps were removed prior to demolition of the old school and recycled.

Note: Senate Bill 9 funds are requested for retrofitting specific schools and the task of retrofitting the entire District will be accomplished as funding allows. The sooner the District can completely transition to T-8 electronics, the more energy and Operational dollars will be saved.

M&O’s exterior lighting retrofitted

The Department retrofitted approximately 70% of the exterior lighting at M&O to save energy and costs. The previous metal halide lighting was replaced with more efficient dimming high pressure sodium lighting at M&O, however, the dimming feature didn’t work properly. As such, the manufacturer replaced all new M&O lighting heads with LED lights at no cost to the District.

Exterior LED lighting pilot at Valley and La Cueva High Schools successful

Converted exterior lighting at these schools from metal halide to more energy and cost efficient LED and calculated light quality, energy savings, and maintenance hours. As pilot proved fruitful and no complaints were received from students or neighbors, it will be expanded District wide as old fixtures burn out.

  • Most wall mounted LED replacement fixtures are 20 watt while the old fixtures are 75 to 150 watt. The lower 20 watt LED lights provide a brighter white light at a vastly reduced cost.

    Note: As LED interior lighting is expensive and technology is still developing, the District is waiting to see how well it performs elsewhere. In the meanwhile, LED costs will come down.

Replaced all wall pack lighting at Painted Sky Elementary School

The District now uses fewer watts per fixture and qualifies for PNM rebates.

Re-routed distribution panel lines at Manzano High School

Due to flooding in the school’s boiler room, the conduit got wet playing havoc with the distribution panel. The Department added a transformer (on the west side) and re-routed distribution lines, continuing the loop system to a point for completion at another time (pending funding) as well as replaced the panel in the boiler room. The improved system is no longer vulnerable to moisture.

Added electrical responsibility of new facilities

APS expanded physically in 2011-12 adding facilities that the Electrical Department is responsible for maintaining:

  • The final Phase III of Atrisco Heritage Academy High School completed.
  • The rebuild of Del Norte High School (in progress) includes a new classroom building and Media Center to date.
  • Truman Middle School replaced portable classrooms with a new classroom wing.
  • eCademy Alternative School Phase I completed.
  • John Baker Elementary School got a complete rebuild.
  • Valley High School also got a new classroom building.
  • Emerson Elementary School has a new kindergarten addition.
  • The responsibility of Montessori of the Rio Grande Charter School was added.

Upgrading electrical capacity District wide (on-going)

The in-house upgrading of electrical capacity District wide continues and in 2011-12 included:

  • Gym area at Manzano High School and continuation of loop system
  • Minor upgrade at Alameda Elementary School
  • Panel upgrade at Comanche Elementary School
  • Panel upgrade in gym at Roosevelt Middle School

Major electrical conversion of Lincoln Complex

A winter 2012 storm and suspected lighting strike burned out the main transformer located in the center of Lincoln Complex. Electricity was completely shut down in all of M&O, Facilities Design + Construction, APS Graphics, and Central Kitchen. Generators were utilized for a week while a new transformer was being freighted in. The finished rebuild included upgraded panels and re-routing of distribution lines.

Drafted Department Procedures Manual

Now in compliance with APS Internal Audit. The Manual will be reviewed and updated at least annually.

New split-shift expanded coverage

The Department expanded coverage to 9.5 hours with half of the technicians working 6:00 AM to 2:30 PM and half covering the 7:00 AM to 3:30 PM shift. It was a smooth transition as an equal number of technicians preferred one or the other shift.

PM programs (on-going)

Government mandated PM work includes:

  • Fire extinguisher, sprinkler, and alarm inspection
  • Fire suppression systems
  • Elevator (quarterly) inspection and service (monthly inspections performed by City of Albuquerque)
  • Emergency generators inspection (twice a year)

Other PM work involves the replacement of high energy systems with energy and cost effective systems throughout the District.

Special Challenge / Issue

PM program to replace T-12 incandescent light bulbs with T-8 florescent District wide stalled

The program that will ultimately save energy, electric costs, and reduce work orders is in progress, however, hindered in 2011-12 over previous years due to limited funding. The Department Manager is in the process of requesting $1 million for District upgrades to replace all T-12 incandescent bulbs with energy efficient T-8 florescent lamps. $1 million would cover about five APS schools, depending on the size. It’s a challenge and concern as the production of T-12s was halted earlier this year. PNM ended its rebate program on upgrades from T-12s in October 2012. Although T-12 bulbs are still available for purchase, as the existing supply becomes scarce the price will surely go up. And when the supply is exhausted, the District will be forced to upgrade. M&O is fighting to keep the lights on at APS.


Voice of the Customer question:
Do M&O Maintenance staff complete their work in a courteous, informative, and professional manner?

M&O earned a grade of
98% (A)

Status of 2011-12 Fiscal Year Goals

  • All electricians reaching full compliance of the NFPA 70E safety codes. Goal on-going; progress made.
  • Complete retrofitting of remaining 30 elementary school gyms (by Summer 2012). Done
  • Complete a partial electric service upgrade at Manzano High School. Done
  • Continue retrofitting entire electrical switch gear panels. In some old schools the panels are way past life expectancy (as funding allows). Goal on-going; progress made.
  • Begin the conversion of parking lot lighting from metal halide to a more energy efficient choice District wide. If Senate Bill 9 funding is successfully earmarked for the project, it will begin as a pilot program at a minimum of one high school, possibly two. Done, see La Cueva and Valley High School Highlight above.
  • Fine tune SchoolDude to track work performed by outside contractors in all Electrical Shops (already done with elevators). Originally a 2010-11 goal but aborted as contractors were not re-engaged. Will perform after Department is more conversant with new contractors.

2012-13 Goals

  • Continue conversion of exterior lighting from metal halide to energy and cost efficient LED lighting District wide (as SB-9 funding allows).
  • Retrofit lighting at Fleet Maintenance Department and a portion of the area parking lot.
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