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Building Services

Includes: blinds and shades, carpet cleaning, custodial coordination, custodial equipment repair, dispatch emergency, interior pest control, specialty cleaning, warehouse management.

Fred Montano, Manager (33 years with APS, manager 11 years)
49 technicians and support personnel

Building Services Craft Shops include Graffiti Removal; Custodian Coordination; Interior Pest Control; Custodial Equipment Repair; Carpet Cleaning (includes water extraction); Specialty Cleaning; Blinds and Shades; Emergency Dispatch; and M&O Warehouse Management.

Building Services is accountable for keeping District facilities clean and pest free. It appears simple enough, but the vast majority of work, approximately 80%, is emergency work cleaning up bodily fluids and sandblasting graffiti off school buildings and other surfaces that vandals deem appealing for unsightly defacing. Whether large or small, emergency clean-up work has to be done immediately. An unsanitary classroom caused by an ill child or bothersome insects is not conducive to learning, but rather a distraction and a health risk. And graffiti is not arty and colorful; it is a scar that devalues the school, neighborhood, and student pride.

Other duties include training custodians and providing custodial support (substitutes) to the schools. The M&O Warehouse is also under the authority of Building Services. The Warehouse purchases, stocks, tracks, and dispenses most of the repair materials, supplies, and equipment used by the M&O service departments. Lastly, two M&O dispatchers respond to emergency calls for all of M&O throughout the duty day and night in assuring that emergency work, of any nature, is conveyed to all applicable Managers and technicians without delay.

The Department’s preventive maintenance work includes industrial power washing and disinfecting of restrooms and cafeteria tables annually as well as internal pest control inspections. Even the one-man Shops of Custodial Equipment Repair and Blinds Repair manage to fit in PM inspections into their demanding schedules.


Increased preventive maintenance work Department wide

As indicated by the following graph, the Building Services PM program has held a steady incline, year after year. PM work orders in the 2012-13 fiscal year increased 23.3% over the previous year.


Contractors engaged to support pigeon excretion clean-up

The last Report outlined the escalating problem of homing pigeons’ proclivity for inhabiting evaporative cooling units at schools and other facilities throughout APS. Their ever prolific population has created a problem that the Department has struggled with staying ahead of. In addition to cleaning the HVAC units, the contractors will more importantly focus on making the units detrimental to socializing by installing netting and spikes. The added help has appreciably improved the Department’s responsiveness to requests from the schools..

Contractors engaged to aid carpet cleaning

Though the number of carpet cleaning work orders increased by a mere 3.5% over the previous fiscal year, the average days aged decreased by an impressive 64.6%! The many more happy customers were the result of added financial resources to address the previously unattended carpets.

Carpet Cleaning



Indoor pest control PM work steadily increased

The Department’s indoor pest control preventive maintenance work has intensified every year since the program was launched in 2010. Preventive maintenance work orders for the 2012-13 fiscal year increased by 27.9% over the previous year and by 190.9% since 2010! As the following bar graph demonstrates, reactive work orders have subsequently fallen. It is anticipated that reducing indoor pest control PM from twice to one a month, for at least the 2013-14 fiscal year, will save costs with no increase in pests.

Indoor Pest Control



PM programs (on-going)

  • Thorough pressure washing / cleaning of each school annually (summer)
  • Interior pest control school inspection bi-monthly (reduced from 12 to 9 months a year)
  • Annual custodial maintenance / repair at every school site


Status of 2012-13 Fiscal Year Goals

  • Manager will monitor SchoolDude Craft Reports for all Building Services Shops to confirm accuracy. Time did not allow; will do in 2013-14.
  • Improve security of the M&O Warehouse’s second floor. Done.
  • Appraise equipment in all Craft Shops and replace where necessary. Essential but aged and use-worn equipment is routinely malfunctioning causing delays in completing work. Industrial carpet cleaning machines and hot water washers top the list. Partially completed with only carpet cleaning machines pending (due to cost); aim to complete in 2013-14.
  • The Procurement Specialist is charged with implementing a system for identifying obsolete vendor contracts for an initial clean-up (removal and shredding) followed by continued review and maintenance. Done and on-going.

2013-14 Goals

  • Hire a qualified full-time indoor pest control technician to fill vacancy left by a retirement.
  • Manager will monitor SchoolDude Craft Reports for all Building Services Shops to confirm accuracy. (Moved from last fiscal year.)
  • Assess the carpet cleaning machines and replace those most worn weary.
  • Revise the PM Program in the Blinds and Shades Shop to include the entire District. The one-man Shop will aspire to perform 45 inspections a year covering all schools in three years.
  • Pursue funding to purchase sorely needed custodial equipment repair parts. As the Average Days Aged graph below illustrates, work requests are on-hold pending funds to purchase the needed repair parts. An outcry from the schools in 2012 resulted in monies being transferred from other M&O budgets allowing for buying the parts to repair equipment, which reduced the average days aged by 56% over the previous year. However, as the Shop is once again working with a reduced budget, it challenges the technician to make needed repairs on malfunctioning equipment. Funding will be an M&O priority in the Custodial Equipment Repair Shop

Custodial Equipment Repair Shop


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