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Building Services

Fred Montano, Manager
(35 years with APS, manager 13 years) 50 technicians and support personnel

Building Services Craft Shops include Graffiti Removal; Custodian Coordination; Pest Control; Custodial Equipment Repair; Carpet Cleaning (includes water extraction); Specialty Cleaning; Blinds and Shades; Emergency Dispatch; and M&O Warehouse Management.

Building Services is responsible for keeping APS schools and other facilities sanitary and pest free, unquestionably M&O’s most unfavorable yet important and necessary jobs. This work includes water extraction due to flooding; cleaning up any and all bodily fluids as well as pigeon excrement; and the extermination of annoying and potentially harmful indoor and outdoor pests. As pesky insects, flooded classrooms, and offensively soiled floors and furniture are health hazards and not conducive to learning, these distractions are remedied immediately and with minimal disruption to the classroom. Emergency status work also includes sandblasting graffiti off structures, walls, and sidewalks in not only maintaining the schools’ appearance but also the District’s assets and the pride and school spirit of students, teachers, and staff. The Department’s “graffiti rule” is to remove graffiti at schools within 24 hours if not sooner. Approximately 80% of Building Services’ work orders regard these large emergency clean-up projects, yet there is room for routine PM work. The annually scheduled major power washings and internal pest control inspections ensure happy and complaint-free school occupants.

Building Services also manages the APS Custodial Program, providing training and custodial support to the schools. New custodians begin in the substitute pool and are assigned to schools in place of custodians out on leave, and all permanent school custodian staff are hired from this pool. Other Department Shops include custodial equipment repair; window blinds repair; and two dispatchers charged with responding to emergency calls and ensuring that all emergency status work is immediately communicated to the relevant Department Managers and technicians.

Lastly, the Department manages the M&O Warehouse which includes the purchasing, stocking, and distributing of approximately $1.2 million worth of inventory (repair materials, supplies, tools, and equipment) used by all M&O Craft Shops. The cost and time savings of M&O operating its own warehouse on-site is immeasurable. All routinely used items, including seasonal needs, are purchased in large volume at a steep discount and stocked in the Warehouse for immediate and convenient availability to all technicians. Warehousing also greatly reduces the overall logistical costs of obtaining supplies and materials. The all-inclusive and quickly accessible “store” serves the vast majority of inventory needs. Only for the occasional, often more expensive, specific item is it necessary to visit a vendor.



Pest control work orders re-classified in SchoolDude provide more accurate data

As there are three distinctly different categories of pests (indoor, outdoor, and landscape/grounds specific) pest control work order numbers have never been quite accurate. The Department Manager is now reviewing all pest control work orders and forwarding to the Grounds Department those that they are responsible for (grubs, mosquitos, and prairie dogs). He has also eliminated the indoor/outdoor distinction for Building Services pest control WOs. A truer picture of the District’s pest issues has aided in managing solutions.

Two experienced Assistant Supervisors hired in Custodial Shop improved process and quality

Assistant Custodial Supervisors are charged with monitoring evening school custodians, conducting spot checks, and performing custodial surveys that determine and regulate the precise time each task requires (school site specific) for successful completion. The new hires, previously Head Custodian at schools, have applied their experience in designing new surveys and improving the cleaning process. As school custodians (over 500) are employees of the schools not M&O, it is an on-going challenge to fine tune custodial service in delivering the highest possible quality to the students the custodians are accountable to.

Blind cutter improved customer service response time by 66%!

A new blind cutter procured for the Blinds Shop allows for purchasing universal size blinds in large quantities, stocking the inventory in the M&O Warehouse, and “cutting to fit” windows of varying sizes. In addition to saving costs, waiting time for blinds deliveries has been eliminated and customers are serviced much more quickly.


Carpet cleaning reactive work orders increased while time to complete work decreased

The Shop realized a 6.9% increase in reactive WOs largely due to more emergency bodily fluids clean-up requests. As these tasks require an immediate response, the average time to complete and close work orders decreased 28.3% over the previous year.


PM programs (on-going)

    • Thorough pressure washing of each school’s cafeteria tables annually (summer)
    • Interior pest control school inspection (monthly − reduced from 12 to 9 months a year)
    • Custodial equipment inspection and maintenance at every school site (annual)

Special Challenge

The migration of school Principals in 2015-16 will intensify work requests

Just as when a new family purchases and moves into a previously owned home, when Principals are reassigned to a different school they see many needed improvements that the former Principal turned a blind eye to or had other concerns. What looked satisfactory to the outgoing Principal is unacceptable to the incoming Principal. As much movement of Principals is expected at the start of the 2015-16 school year, the number of reactive work orders will not only increase, there will also be a demand to address all the requests quickly, already a very busy time for all M&O departments.


Status of 2014-15 Fiscal Year Goals

    • Improve classification of pest control work orders in SchoolDude. Currently there is an “indoor” category and simply a “pest control” category ostensibly to group outdoor pest WOs. However, data entry is inconsistent and the attempt to categorize has merely caused unnecessary confusion without aiding in managing the Craft Shop. Completed, note Highlight above
    • Hire two Assistant Supervisors in the Custodial Shop to monitor evening school custodians, conduct spot checks during their work schedules, and support custodial survey PM program throughout the District. The custodial surveys determine and regulate the precise time each task — unique to each school site — requires for satisfactory completion. Observing the time allotments eliminates slack in the schedule furthering productivity. Completed

2014-15 Fiscal Year Goals

    • Hire new personnel: M&O Warehouse stock clerk to replace retiring clerk; new carpet cleaning technician; and an emergency dispatcher. (Kudos is extended to the departed dispatcher who earned an education degree while working at M&O and transferred to Truman Middle School as a teacher.)
    • Launch a carpet cleaning PM program that provides for carpets being cleaned at least once every three years, sooner if doable (would require increased contractor funding). The schools with the most soiled carpets will be addressed first. (All emergency status soiled carpets are addressed immediately.)
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