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Work Order Processing

Schools and M&O tighten work order paperwork processing

When SchoolDude’s work order system, FIMS (MaintenanceDirect/Facility Information Management System) was first introduced to APS in 2005, all APS employees embarked on the same learning curve. As the following bar graph illustrates, the schools have acquired a better understanding of the work request and approval process with every year since 2007. While there were hiccups in 2010 and 2013 due to many new principals and/ or staff reassigned to schools, overall the schools have demonstrated a continuous improvement in working with the system – 59.4% between 2007 and 2015, and a 20% improvement in 2014-15 over the previous year. (It is a given that WOs will rise with new leadership and personnel at a school site. Not only do they have their antenna up watchful of issues, they are also unfamiliar with the facility.) In addition, schools’ personnel have gained a much better understanding between work “wanted” and work “needed.” A quicker response time to work requests by M&O technicians also reduces the number of duplicate WOs that need to be voided as schools don’t submit another WO in their impatience to have the task done. While it is unrealistic to expect that there will ever be no declined or voided work requests, this continuous improvement translates to less time spent spinning wheels and more time spent on productive efforts. (Note: numbers change retroactively due to periodic cleanups and updates of the work order data.)

As demonstrated by the following bar graph, M&O has increasingly improved the time to perform and close work orders in the work order system by more than half since 2007 and 5.2% over 2014.

M&O personnel have increased their paperwork proficiency and efficiency by 62.8% since 2007! In 2007, work orders were closed in FIMS an average of 40.9 days after they were initiated and long after the work was actually completed. In 2015, WOs were closed in 15.2 days, a 5.2% improvement over the previous year. It has been an adjustment for all parties to get on board with not only following proper WO protocols but also understanding the importance of timely paperwork/FIMS processing. SchoolDude is a miraculous tool in measuring proficiencies, but only if the data is accurate and entered in a real time fashion. No, it did not take an average of 40.9 days for a work orders to be completed in 2007. From the time of the initial request to M&O completing the tasks was but a few days; WOs were simply not closed in FIMS for another 35-37 (on average) days as invoices have to first be received and processed. As the process is tightened up, actual time to complete WOs will be reflected in the results.

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