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Voice of the Customer (VOC) Results Revealed Happy Customers

M&O conducted a general Voice of the Customer satisfaction survey in the spring 2014 querying all school site administrators responsible for reviewing, approving, and submitting work requests into the SchoolDude system. The survey was electronically disseminated to the administrators who conveniently responded to the questions online. Most of the middle schools’ administrators participated (59.2%) followed by the high schools’ administrators (57.1%). The overall participation rate was 55.3%. The exercise, conducted for the third time, provided the schools with the opportunity to express specific needs and concerns.

The survey asked that the responders to rate M&O’s performance during the school year as Excellent,
Good, Satisfactory, or Poor to the following five questions:

  • How satisfied were you with the timeliness of services provided?
  • How satisfied were you with the quality of services provided?
  • How satisfied were you with the courtesy, professionalism, and expertise of the M&O staff that completed your work requests?
  • How would you rate your overall satisfaction with M&O services provided?
  • How satisfied were you with the ease of using the SchoolDude work order system?

The results were overwhelmingly positive — an average 88.37% of Excellent (32.60%) to Good (53.96%) rating. And when Satisfactory is factored in the average rating to the five questions was 98.85% leaving the rating for Poor responses at only 1.09%. In voicing dissatisfaction with an M&O issue, respondents generally either mentioned their school or the school was easily identified by the particulars provided in the criticism. The Executive Director reviewed all comments, positive and negative, and personally followed up with the site administrators who supplied negative feedback to work through and rectify the problem including specifically how they can be part of an improved methodology and permanent solution. All parties involved in the work request process — requestors and approvers at schools, dispatchers, M&O managers reviewing and assigning work, and the servicing technicians — must follow the established WO process protocol (see WO flow graphic on following page) so that nothing falls through the cracks to cause disgruntled customers. All comments are utilized in making improvements within M&O and with the WO request process that begins with the schools. Positive comments provide the opportunity to share effective practices with other Craft Shops that can adapt the same positive procedures.

Most comments, highlighted throughout this report, favorably acknowledged M&O for their proficiency and professionalism. Overall, management and staff personnel were pleased with the results but also not cavalier regarding the few negative comments. The attitude of M&O personnel is not that the customer was just having a bad day, but rather that M&O contributed to their bad day. M&O technicians and management want their service contributions to make their day!

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