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Initiatives and Division Highlights

M&O's successes and notable moments.

$2 million saved

APS saved $2 million in PM work led by an automation of PM work order system

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Improving FMAR scores

M&O improving FMAR scores due to new PSFA provided opportunity

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Preventive Maintenance Program

M&O grew preventive maintenance work orders by 37.8%

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Legislative funded projects

Increased legislative funded projects substantially multiplied M&O's workload

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Vandalism and graffiti

M&O crews worked around the clock in cleaning up extreme vandalism totaling $407,618

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MMW joins M&O

Materials Management Warehouse (MMW) moved under the M&O umbrella organization

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Wellness Works Expands

The pilot expands and adds some new investments in wellness.

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Deferred Maintenance Progress

Progress made in tackling deferred maintenance (DM)

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Utilities $2.5 million under budget

Utility costs were under budget for a third consecutive year

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M&O in top 5% KPI

APS' M&O continued to rank in top 5% by the CGCS's annual survey

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"Outstanding" PM Plan

2016 Preventive Maintenance Management Plan completed and accepted by PSFA

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City Center updates

Mechanical and electrical updates made in the Alice and Bruce King Educational Complex (formerly City Center)

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