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Cleaning Costs on the Rise

Cleaning costs for commercial facilities are rising nationally. In some cases cleaning costs alone represent approximately 38% of the total cost for operating the average commercial building. Other operational expenses include salaries, supplies/materials, and general repairs. This sizeable rise in cleaning costs is in part due to the introduction of safe and environmentally friendly products as well as the required training on the proper use of the products. To date APS has effectively managed custodial costs but is on notice of cleaning costs potentially increasing radically. This dramatic increase requires a greater investment in planning, more efficient equipment, upgraded programs and products, and most importantly, more efficient custodian manpower. Manpower productivity is a vital key in holding cleaning costs down. Yet, the quality of cleaning ranks equally with cost considerations. As quality can be a subjective matter, a basis must be determined that meets APS’ high standard — no easy task when budget is always a determining factor.

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