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Growing PM Program Means Reaching Higher

After a PM program is successfully launched and becomes standard operating procedure, it hits a point that it is difficult to grow. APS is getting close to that point. Obstacles and restrictions are faced – namely more funds needed to employ more people to carry out the reactive and preventive maintenance workload. Money is key to expanding PM work. All the low lying fruit has been harvested and now a ladder is needed to reach the higher fruit, but the District is lacking the funds to purchase the ladder or hire a fruit picker to climb it. It is more difficult and expensive to reach the top of the tree. All the while, reactive work, some of which is urgent and catastrophic, never takes a holiday. It’s a conundrum — PM work reduces reactive work because critical failures are diminished, but requires out of reach resources.

Struggling to get up the tree, however, doesn’t mean abandoning the PM program! Every step up the ladder has to become a current status quo that is held until climbing higher is achievable. As it is important to never reverse the effort or progress, M&O is pressing forward with simultaneously implementing energy conservation strategies, improving the efficiencies of established PM work, and reaching higher up the PM tree.

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