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WECC initiatives savings

WECC initiatives identified $2.4 million in real and potential savings in first year

The following graphic enumerates achievable savings from initiated energy conservation opportunities for the first year of the program. When completed, these will make a huge dent in M&O’s $20 million annual utility budget. A total of $328,176 was saved just on electric use reduction and PNM rebates. Programmable thermostats for heating units in portables and boiler tune-ups are on track to save $44,526 in natural gas costs (not represented in graphic). Current projects, such as Internet enabled time clocks for HVAC systems and retro-commissioning of existing buildings, not only save energy but also improve building performance. The cost of implementing the projects, an estimated $517,000, is expected to be recovered in a little over two years through energy saved and rebates. And the shrewd strategy of consolidating summer school programs to a few select sites and recovering electric costs through off-hours facility rental fees should result in over $1 million in electrical savings and other revenue. (See "2014 vs 2015 Savings" in Appendices on page 85.)

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