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Retro-Commissioning (RCx)

PNM sponsored Building Tune Up Retro-Commissioning (RCx) Pilot Program completed

RCx is the process of monitoring, troubleshooting, and adjusting electrical, mechanical, and other control systems in buildings to improve systems’ performance. Experts analyze the performance of systems and offer specific strategies to improve efficiency, extend service life, and improve occupant comfort. RCx provides an understanding of how well a system is working for a specific space or building and identifies obsolete equipment in need of replacement or adjustment in saving energy and costs and improving performance. Study incentives help pay for the building assessments and savings incentives help reduce the cost of implementing the findings. Lastly, PNM offers rebates for identifying and implementing operational and maintenance improvements, many at low-cost or even no-cost.

The five APS pilot schools are noted in the table below. APS, the first to conduct RCx in Albuquerque, is pioneering the program for PNM and the District. Phase I identified and measured electric use and potential savings. Phase II, when executed, will get more specific with executable solutions, benefit savings, and cost factors. WECC and energy conservation leadership is currently evaluating the timing of the next phase.

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