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Photovoltaic panels

Incorporating photovoltaic panels into all new construction and renovation projects

As the District builds new facilities and renovates exiting buildings, it is incorporating renewable energy to offset the energy demand at the site. All new construction is now being designed to include solar photovoltaics (PV). By Public Regulatory Commission rule, a site can generate up to of 80% of its electric load with on-site renewable energy. Moreover, the District is planning to expand its PV presence with arrays at existing campuses throughout the city. New construction projects that incorporated PV panels include Nusenda Credit Union Community Stadium opened in August 2013, and the George I. Sanchez (K-8) Collaborative Community School opened August 2015, each utilizing a 94 kilowatt system which provides approximately 24% of the site’s energy.

New construction projects at existing campuses that include PV panels have been started at Ernie Pyle Middle School; Atrisco, Marie Hughes, Onate, Wherry, and Reginald Chavez Elementary Schools; and Rio Grande and West Mesa High Schools, all with expected completion by the end of 2016. PV technology is an important ingredient in APS reaching its energy goals without compromising education.

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