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Maintenance contracts

Negotiated extended maintenance contracts on the purchase of all new mechanical equipment

FD+C now negotiates maintenance warranty agreements with all vendors of new mechanical systems, consigning the installer as owner of the equipment for three years. During this “temporary ownership” period, the installer is responsible for performing all repairs, PM work, and training M&O technicians on how to service and repair the equipment. After three years, ownership of the equipment is turned over to APS and M&O assumes responsibility of maintaining it. Today’s cutting edge equipment is so sophisticated it requires a great deal of fine-tuning, modifying, and balancing during the first few years of use to work properly. Once precisely adjusted — no easy feat — the “smart” systems do much of the work previously done by the users and technicians. This new three year maintenance warranty negotiated with the vendors has proven to be cost effective for APS and saves time, expenses, and manpower for M&O.

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