2015-16 Energy Conservation Goals

    • The possible move of the irrigation function from the Grounds to the Mechanical Department with the objective of saving water. As plumbing systems transport this precious resource, unifying irrigation and plumbing might simplify water conservation efforts and repairs. The development of a pilot program is currently in progress with possible implementation in spring 2016.
    • Recover costs for after-hours facilities use.
    • Drive building occupant behavior to be measurably more energy efficient.
    • Obtain interval data recording meters (IDRs) at all properties to allow better and more useable utility data for troubleshooting and identifying conservation opportunities.
    • Include solar photovoltaic (PV) projects in the Capital Master Plan for broad implementation District wide.
    • Gather and analyze building system performance data to inform/influence design choices on new construction and remodel projects.
    • Improve design standards for solar hot water systems to cultivate an approach that is beneficial and cost-effective.
    • Develop a school culture that focuses on energy literacy by harnessing the energy of the classroom—the energy of students.
    • Develop a comprehensive energy management plan for each school in maintaining a sustainable energy conscious school culture.
    • Establish energy education and awareness programs for school communities.
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