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Energy Management Center

Energy Management Center in design and planning

The APS Energy Management Center concept, currently in the planning and design phase, is to centralize and broadly visualize all energy and water management functions that span the District. As mentioned in the introduction to this section, the District’s reorganized Energy Conservation Program consolidates all energy and utility-use dynamics under one umbrella as each impacts the other. Equipment efficiency is affected by its maintenance, use, and users. The efficient design of a facility and its systems will contribute to energy conservation, while a poorly designed structure will result in needless energy waste. Meticulous scheduling of facilities’ use and the conscientious or ill-informed behaviors of occupants will dramatically raise or lower utility bills.

The professional inhabitants of the Center, noted in the illustration below, will work and strategize in concert so that all the pieces of the conservation puzzle come together in saving water, electricity, and natural gas. Quite simply, the Center will manage the optimization of not only how every piece of equipment works, but also how all the various factors work together. Energy use at every District school will be monitored at all times, along with the technology and systems that control the energy. It is quite a distinctive concept for a public school system and one that will more than pay for itself in saving energy and utility costs.

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