AIM Energy

Energy utility database provides a compilation of energy use for every school

Provided by AIM Energy, an independent energy conservation consulting and technology company, this powerful tool acts as a conduit between APS, the local utilities, and DOE’s Energy Star Portfolio Manager database. The AIM Energy Snapshot Tool captures and tracks all the utilities APS uses and graphs them for each school, providing a repository storage database (not a live representation of real time energy use). This monthly data allows usage patterns to be compared school-to-school. The findings provide a useful picture of relative building efficiency which informs the need for behavioral changes and maintenance/repair/adjustments to equipment.

In true collaborative fashion, this information is being fed back to the District’s CAD Drafting Department where a master blueprint for each campus is retained that includes square footage, mechanical and electrical systems, age of every building, and the dates of all construction projects that result in a change to square footage (which, of course, directly impacts energy use at the site).

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