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About APS’ Energy Conservation Program

The District energy conservation program encompasses most all of M&O (most notably the Electrical and Mechanical Departments and Energy Conservation office) APS' Water & Energy Conservation Committee (WECC). Conservation efforts are supported by leadership from Facilities Design + Construction; the Finance, Capital Master Plan, and Information Technology Divisions; and public utilities.

Last year’s Report introduced the founding (in September 2013) of WECC represented by key APS personnel as well as municipal utility representatives and community leaders that include business and trade organizations. WECC is charged with identifying and implementing conservation opportunities District wide. The unfolding program incorporates new and existing equipment operation and use; educational outreach and behavioral practices throughout APS; and the indispensable involvement of the various gas, electric, and water utilities that serve the District. For M&O personnel, this means evaluating energy use and conservation opportunities (including that contributed by mechanical and electrical systems) and water sustainability. M&O’s role also includes developing a strategy to eliminate electric waste and demand charges and positively influence occupant equipment use.

The transpiring District wide mandatory program consists of three intersecting areas of conservation: 1) new building design and construction; 2) recurring maintenance; and 3) the operational habits and culture of the end user. And it is where these three facets intersect that a balanced approach and the most beneficial energy conservation efforts will be seized, while maintaining sensible environments conducive to learning.

In developing a “culture of conservation” at APS, WECC’s reach is broad and widening, most critically expanding to include a growing number of students and staff members excited to participate in the effort. APS recognizes that developing a culture of conservation must incorporate sustainability strategies in order to attain enduring financial and performance enhancing benefits. As such, M&O and WECC are focused on laying the foundation for promoting a conservation culture that includes viable sustainability initiatives that permeate every classroom, office, and athletic field and every individual who occupies these spaces. In addition, APS’ long standing Energy STARS (Schools Teaching About Resource Sustainability) program is currently being reinvigorated as an integral and mandatory part of District wide energy conservation efforts.

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