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M & O Department Work Order Totals






Note: Fleet Maintenance did not utilize the SchoolDude/FIMS work order system until the 2012-13 fiscal year. In addition, the 658 PM work orders is not reflective of the percentage of PM versus reactive work performed by the Department, as PM work orders conducted on the vehicles are large projects while many of the 2,266 reactive work orders consist of minor and quick repairs. In comparing the PM cost to all maintenance costs, however, a more accurate picture is provided — PM represents 41.7% of all maintenance costs performed by the Department.

Note: Due to the nature of the Environmental Management Department’s role (support to other M&O Departments and FD+C), it is difficult to accurately identify “reactive” WOs. The Department’s work, whether routine inspections or support work related to repairs or construction, is always scheduled work in response to a regulation.

In addition, the above graph does not illustrate time, but rather costs and not necessarily costs to the Environmental
Management Department. Because every asbestos work order, including those generated by FD+C, goes through
Environmental Management, the costs are included in the Environmental WO even if the Department doesn’t actually cover the costs. To exclude costs in the WO, however, would be negligent as costs would then not be accurately tracked anywhere. That stated, over 90% of work that can be scheduled in PM Direct is. The remaining work is reactive and documented.

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