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Work order completion

Amount of days needed to complete work orders.

Work Order Completion Time (Days)

APS Work Order Completion Time (Days)
YearDays to Complete Work Orders
2011–12 5
2012–13 5
2013–14 5
2014–15 5

Description of Calculation: Total aggregate number of days to complete all work orders, divided by total number of work orders.

Importance of Measure: This measure is an indicator of a district's timeliness in completing work orders. Districts with lower completion times are more likely to have a management system in place with funding to address repairs.

Factors that Influence

  • Menu Number of maintenance employees
  • Management effectiveness
  • Automated work order tracking
  • Labor agreements
  • Funding to address needed repairs
  • Existence of workflow management process

Districts in Best Quartile (2014–2015) 

  • Albuquerque Public Schools
  • Austin Independent School District
  • Guilford County School District
  • Omaha Public School District
  • Richmond City School District
  • School District of Philadelphia
  • Wichita Public Schools