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Mission Statement

The mission of the Maintenance and Operations Division (M&O) of Albuquerque Public Schools (APS) is tocreate an environment conducive to student achievement and success by providing safe, clean, comfortable, aesthetic, and purposeful indoor and outdoor learning spaces throughout the District in meeting the needs ofthe education process.


This — the sixth successive M&O Year End Report — summarizes the Division’s purpose and objectives; budget and expenses history; key initiatives and achievements realized in the 2013-14 fiscal year; current and foreseen challenges; and near-term goals. In addition to this document providing transparency to the citizens of Albuquerque and taxpayers (posted on APS website) regarding their capital investment in APS, it serves leadership in assessing the reasons behind both successful strategies in reaching goals and vexing hurdles that impede aspirations. Although the Division is responsible for maintenance of facilities in ensuring smooth operations District wide, all personnel never lose sight of the fact that their primary purpose is delivering learning spaces that foster each student’s academic success and love of learning.

Following is a synopsis of the 2013-14 M&O Year End Report.

The importance of maintaining schools in advancing learning

  • Deferring maintenance due to a lack of funds today only delays a need for more funding and decay at a later time.
  • APS is staying ahead of the eight ball in preserving older schools, unlike many other urban school districts.
  • M&O is comprised of highly trained and adept technicians.
  • M&O personnel work in concert with Facilities Design + Construction (FD+C) personnel and contractors as part of the same team in supporting the education process.

Facility Information Management System (FIMS) is nucleus of work order process

  • Preventive maintenance (PM) provides the greatest possible return on investment.

M&O Budget and Expenditures by School Cluster History

  • The Division’s budget and staff figures held steady in 2013 and 2014.

New initiatives and Highlights in 2013-14 FY

  • Preventive maintenance program has resulted in cost savings.
  • Qualifications-based contractor selection process aids in keeping project costs down and within budget.
  • APS’ M&O Division is working hard in getting in line with the Council of the Great City Schools’ (CGCS) staffing recommendations.
  • Replacing rather than repairing is current protocol if more cost efficient over time.
  • M&O partnering with FD+C in making systems and equipment choices for new construction that will save service maintenance manpower hours, costs, and energy.
  • Retro-commissioning will improve efficiency, performance, occupant comfort, and extend service life of electrical, mechanical, and control systems.
  • Spring 2014 survey findings revealed happy M&O customers.
  • Schools’ knowledge and use of the FIMS (SchoolDude) work order system continues to improve.
  • M&O technicians show continued improvement in time to perform and close work orders.
  • New hire energy use monitor focuses on reducing energy waste.
  • Professional development and continuing education heightened.
  • In collaborating with FD+C, significant progress made in 2013-14 in addressing deferred maintenance.
  • M&O working with Capital Fiscal Master Plan Division in funding much needed deferred maintenance projects.
  • Crews worked around the clock in rebuilding and cleaning up fire damage at two elementary schools as well as destruction caused by a severe storm with no classroom time lost or even delayed.
  • Total 2013-14 utility costs came in under budget.
  • APS’ efforts to reduce electric waste resulted in electric expenses coming in under budget.
  • According to the CGCS annual survey, APS’ M&O ranks among the top in the nation in performance.
  • Graffiti incidents have dropped every year since 2009. Vandalism incidents down over previous year but cost rose.
  • Technicians and support staff have continued to improve the accuracy of SchoolDude work order data entry.
  • The 2014 Preventive Maintenance (PM) Management Plan was successfully drafted and accepted by Public Schools Facilities Authority (PSFA).
  • Only the Environment Management Department Procedures Manual remains to be completed (in progress). All other M&O Department Manuals drafted 2011-2014.

Department-specific Highlights

  • Energy Conservation Program initiatives, successes (including energy savings rebate programs), and challenges.
  • Profiles of M&O eight service departments.

Facing continued and future challenges

  • Retro-commissioning will ultimately save time and dollars, but initial expense is a bit pricy.
  • District is trying mightily to slay the beast of electric demand charges as well as eliminate energy waste.
  • Growing (as opposed to sustaining the status quo) the PM program requires elusive funding.
  • The Division’s hard working heavy equipment fleet is continuously a challenge to keep operational yet imperative to District operations.


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