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Mission Statement

The mission of the Maintenance and Operations Division (M&O) of Albuquerque Public Schools (APS) is to partner with the schools in creating environments conducive to student success by providing purposeful, comfortable, aesthetic, clean, safe, and accessible learning and activity spaces in meeting academic achievement goals.


This is the seventh consecutive Albuquerque Public Schools’ Maintenance and Operations Year End Report. It summarizes the Division’s leadership, purpose, and goals as well as highlights successes and initiatives undertaken in the 2014-15 fiscal year. Challenges and difficulties are also addressed, some ongoing, others new. This document is posted on the M&O website in providing transparency and a snapshot of the Division’s fiscal year activities and progress for review by taxpayers, parents, students, schools, and the public at large. It also clearly expresses that all M&O personnel, while responsible for the brick and mortar that encompasses APS’ real estate, never lose sight of the fact that their primary purpose is delivering environments that advance education.

While M&O stakeholders include the APS Board of Education and executive management/ leadership, along with parents and taxpayers, M&O’s priority is incontestably the students and their schools. M&O’s very existence is to take care of the students — from pre-kindergarten through graduation — in support of their academic triumphs.

Following is a synopsis of the 2015 M&O Year End Report.

Public schools are transforming nationwide and APS is no exception

    • Schools are still the heart and soul of America and fundamental to kids’ development.
    • The misguided perception that America’s schools are failing is skewed. The traditional education track is changing but judged by yesteryear’s criteria.
    • APS’ M&O is continually adapting in servicing rapidly expanding and evolving school facilities.
    • Public schools are not just schools anymore, but rather community hubs hosting numerous and diverse ‘before’ and ‘after’ school programs for students and their families as well Albuquerque area residents. A newly implemented cost recovery program helps to stretch limited budgets not intended for non-education purposes.

2014-15 was groundbreaking year in advancing data and information management

    • Data is helpful in governing M&O, but only if the vast collection of numbers can be correctly interpreted and funneled down into useful information that clearly directs appropriate action (solutions) and reports back the results of that action.

Overview of Maintenance and Operations

    • The Maintenance Direct/Facility Information Management System (FIMS) is key to effectual work order management and the nucleus of M&O’s work order system.
    • Work order history 2007 – 2015
    • Budget history 2007 – 2015
    • Expenditures by school cluster 2007 – 2015

New Initiatives and Highlights in 2014-15 fiscal year

    • M&O conducted an assessment of the health condition of employees and launched a motivational Division wide employee Wellness Program.
    • Camp Gallagher was resurrected in providing a wilderness classroom to students for hands-on environmental education.
    • M&O Executive Director served and learned as a member of a support team charged with reviewing the management of M&O functions for large urban school districts.
    • The Public School Facility Authority has become a valued partner in providing informative Facility Maintenance Assessment Reports.
    • Maintenance costs declined for the first time.
    • Progress was made in school administrators’ better understanding the work order system, while M&O personnel made progress in processing work order paperwork in a timely manner.
    • Thanks to the support from executive leadership, M&O has successfully addressed some critically needed deferred maintenance work.
    • Service technicians utilizing handheld electronic tablets is significantly improving work efficiency, paperwork processing, and customer service.
    • The District’s utility costs were under budget in spite of the continued rise in rates and energy use.
    • The Council of Greater City School’s annual survey ranks APS’ M&O performance in the top 5% nationwide.
    • Graffiti continues its downward trajectory. Vandalism offenders are fewer but more destructive.
    • APS’ state mandated 2015 Preventive Maintenance. Management Plan received the highest possible rating by the Public Schools Facilities Authority.
    • M&O Department Manuals (eight service departments and the M&O Warehouse) are now all completed.

Energy Conservation Program pulled out all the stops in 2014-15 fiscal year

    • In staggering the start-up of HVAC equipment, the District reduced exorbitant electric demand charges by approximately 8%.
    • The Water and Energy Conservation Committee (WECC) made meaningful progress in eliminating energy waste and set a goal of reducing net water consumption by 20% and net energy consumption by 20% by the end of the 2023-24 school year.
    • By the end of the 2014-15 fiscal year, WECC efforts had realized a savings of 13.5% in water, 3.0% in electric use, and 11.4% in natural gas consumption.
    • Since the start of the WECC baseline year, July 1, 2013, the District captured $166,253 in annual energy savings and $161,923 in rebates from PNM and the Gas Company for a total savings of $328,176.
    • New hires and modified existing positions are exclusively assigned to combating utility waste and misuse of energy.
    • High tech energy-use diagnostic equipment has identified the potential of saving over $2 million in annual utility costs.
    • The District is incorporating photovoltaic solar panels in all new construction and renovations.
    • Newly created energy utility database provides a District wide compilation of energy use by school site.
    • Utility meter audit conducted by Facilities Design + Construction identified and mapped every utility meter throughout District. Easily verifying the accuracy of utility invoices is one of the many advantages of this sorely needed documentation.
    • APS is honored to be invited to participate in the U.S. Department of Energy’s Better Buildings Challenge as a Partner in the national program.
    • Newly negotiated extended maintenance contracts on the purchase of new mechanical systems and equipment saves time, costs, and M&O manpower.
    • Energy Management Center, currently in design and planning, will centralize the many APS energy conservation programs and functions.
    • Phase I of the PNM sponsored Building Tune Up Retro-Commissioning Pilot Program is completed and Phase II is under evaluation and planning.
    • Two WECC professionals earned certification in energy efficient building operations.

Department Highlights

    • Profiles, fiscal year accomplishments, and future goals presented for M&O’s eight service departments.

Facing on-going challenges and looking ahead

    • Expanding preventive maintenance program continues to be a focus and a challenge.
    • Deferred maintenance requires funding now to save capital in the long term.
    • Professional development in all trades must shift from universal to equipment and APS site specific.
    • The consolidation of the summer school program may save energy and utility costs and is under consideration.
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