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APS Textbook Center for Dual Credit Students

We provide the required textbooks for APS high school students taking dual credit classes.

The Textbook Center for Dual Credit handles the distribution and collection of all dual credit textbooks for all APS high school students that attend a regular APS high school or school of choice. We do not provide textbooks to any type of charter school, private, home school or out of district students. If you attend a charter high school or another type of school outside the regular APS district, see the dual credit contact person at your school for textbooks.

This website explains how to obtain the required textbooks for dual credit classes and also answers common questions about the dual credit textbook procedures.  Obtaining textbooks for your dual credit classes is easy! If you are an APS high school student, our bookroom is the only location that distributes and collects textbooks for dual credit.

Do not go to the CNM or UNM bookstores for dual credit textbooks.


Fall 2018 textbook distribution begins in early August 2018.
If you registered for an intersession class that starts before the regular term find out before you come in if your textbooks are ready yet at: 

We are currently on OFF SEASON hours until August 1st:
Mon, Wed, Fri from 12:00pm - 4:00pm (CLOSED Tue & Thurs).

SEP 3, 2018 – LABOR DAY
OCT 11 - 12, 2018 – FALL BREAK
DEC 21 – JAN 4, 2019 – WINTER BREAK

12:00 PM - 4:00 PM

12:00PM - 4:00PM



                  SPECIAL INFORMATION FOR FALL 2018:
1) Beginning fall 2018 term, select CNM classes will use digitally accessed (electronic) required course materials called includED® - If you register for a course using includED® digital materials, you do not need to pick anything up from our site. Fill out our WHERE IS MY TEXTBOOK? online form to find out.


3) Pick up textbooks WITHIN 2 WEEKS of the first day of term (includes late-start & online classes) or they will be re-assigned to other students and cause delays in receiving your textbooks.

Dual credit students will have seven (7) days from the first day of class to contact us about online access code issues/problems. *Wait-listed or late register students will have an additional 7 days. If you need extra time to pick up your materials, registered late, changed your schedule, or if your materials are not yet ready, contact your textbook representative so they can work with you to obtain the required materials.




ALL CNM students attending high schools: ABQ HIGH – MANZANO 
Contact Person : ANGELA ARTIAGA ( ; 848-8894)

ALL CNM students attending high schools: NEX-GEN – WEST MESA  & ALL UNM STUDENTS
Contact Person: VALERIE VALDEZ ( ; 848-8891)



What does the Textbook Center for APS Dual Credit Students handle?
We will provide APS high school students with the required textbook(s) and/or the required online access code for each dual credit class a student enrolls in at either CNM or UNM (or both colleges concurrently). We do not provide materials for APS charter schools, private, home school or out of district students.

We do not provide: supplemental, suggested or recommended textbooks, print editions of digitally required materials, computer software, supplies or course/lab fees.

What is dual credit?
Dual credit is when a high school student simultaneously earns high school and college credit by taking an approved class at a participating college or university such as CNM or UNM. Classes and required textbooks and/or online access codes are free to participating high school students.

Starting with the graduating class of 2013, all students must take at least one dual credit, distance learning, Advanced Placement OR honors class. Talk to your counselor about the dual credit options open to you.

How do I get my textbooks and/or online access code?
Students need to first register for Central New Mexico Community College (CNM) or the University of New Mexico (UNM) dual credit (also known as dual enrollment) classes before they can obtain materials. Typically, both CNM and UNM have Spring, Summer, and Fall terms. APS students should register for dual credit classes as soon as possible and then fill our online form, Where's My Textbook to find out when textbooks are ready.

What are digital required course materials?

Beginning fall 2018 term, select CNM classes will use digitally accessed (electronic) required course materials called includED® - If you register for a course using includED® digital materials, you do not need to pick anything up from our site. Fill out our WHERE IS MY TEXTBOOK? online form to find out.

Please do not go to the CNM or UNM bookstores for textbooks, they cannot issue materials for APS students. Our office handles all dual credit textbooks for APS high school students taking CNM or UNM classes.

When should I pick up my dual credit textbooks?
Dual credit textbooks must be picked up within 2 WEEKS of the first day of the  regular term (includes late-start and online classes) or they will be re-assigned to other students. There may be delays obtaining textbooks that have already been pulled and re-assigned to another student. Please contact your dual credit textbook representative if there are any problems or you need extra time to pick up your materials.

Typically, once you register for a dual credit class, your textbooks will be ready to pickup within a week of your registration (during the academic term). You should bring your APS student ID card or another picture ID when you come to pick up the textbooks and return any other dual credit textbooks you have from previous semesters. 

***During the CNM/UNM intersession (in-between terms) or if you are taking an intersession class, contact your textbook representative to see if your textbooks are available yet:

CNM students attending high schools: ALBUQ HIGH – MANZANO 
Contact Person : ANGELA ARTIAGA ( ; 848-8894)

CNM students attending high schools: NEX-GEN – WEST MESA  & ALL APS/UNM STUDENTS
Contact Person: VALERIE VALDEZ ( ; 848-8891)

Always to make sure the textbooks are ready for pick up BEFORE you come here (this will save you time and extra trips). To find out the status of your textbooks, fill out the form  WHERE IS MY TEXTBOOK?

Where do I pickup/return my textbooks?
APS Textbook Center for Dual Credit
912 Oak Street, Building M, Room 142
(map & driving directions plus our hours are above in blue box,  GPS does not work!)
Albuquerque, NM 87106
Front Desk: 505-848-8897
Do not pick up or return dual credit textbooks to CNM/UNM bookstores, high school book rooms, older locations like the Montgomery or Aztec Complex, those locations cannot assist you.

Who do I contact about my dual credit textbooks or online access codes?
Dual Credit textbook representatives:

CNM Students that attend APS high schools: ALBUQ HIGH – MANZANO (SCHOOLS A-M) 
CONTACT PERSON: Angela Artiaga ( ; 848-8894)

CNM Students that attend APS high schools: NEX-GEN – WEST MESA (SCHOOLS N-W)
& ALL UNM dual credit classes: CONTACT PERSON: Valerie Valdez ( ; 848-8891)

Can I keep the textbooks?
No. All dual credit textbooks are APS property and students must return the textbooks back to the dual credit textbook center when students change, drop, or complete a dual credit class. You must return books back to the textbook center when your dual credit class is finished. If you do not return all dual credit textbooks, you will be charged replacement fees.

Exceptions to this policy are laboratory manuals, online access codes or other material that is considered  "consumable" meaning they are used one time only and not reusable for future students. When you pick up your textbooks, staff will inform you if you are receiving consumable items.

Some textbooks come with a disposable, one time use online access code good for one semester, those do not need to be returned, only textbooks. If you receive a textbook that has an online access code that follows along with the textbook and you need it for your CNM/UNM class, contact your dual credit representative immediately.

What happens if I lose or damage a dual credit textbook?
Current policies regarding fines and lost materials fees for Instructional Materials apply to dual credit textbooks. For more information, click here to view the policies and procedural directives on student fees, fines, and charges.

Is there a telephone number I can call:
Front Desk Telephone: 505-848-8897. If you call the desk and do not get an answer, please leave a voicemail with your name, high school, and a call back number and we will return your call as soon as possible.

Can I have someone else pick up my textbooks for me?
You may have a relative or other representative pick up your books They do not need to show your picture ID when picking up textbooks on your behalf and the textbooks will be checked out to the enrolled student's account.

Can an instructor pick up textbooks for a CNM class they are teaching at an APS high school?
An APS/CNM instructor may pick up textbooks for students in a class they are teaching but it will need to be coordinated ahead of time. To schedule a special pick up, contact our front desk at 505-848-8897.

Do you offer "class sets" of required dual credit textbooks?
No. We issue dual credit textbooks to APS high school students on a per-enrollment basis only. We cannot provide a class set of a particular textbook title.

If an instructor knows they will be teaching a CNM dual credit course, they may contact the appropriate APS dual credit representative before the class starts with a roster of enrolled students to coordinate a pick up.

What do I do if I received the wrong textbook(s), the instructor changes the required textbook, class requires an online access code or I drop/change a class(s)?

If you receive the wrong textbook(s) or online access code for whatever reason, fill out  the
WHERE IS MY TEXTBOOK? right away or contact your dual credit textbook representative, see above for your textbook representative's contact information.

You will be notified when your correct textbook or access code is ready for pick up. You must return your original textbook(s) when you pick up your replacement.

What if I register late or change my class schedule?
Sometimes you will be unable to register until just before or after classes start at CNM or UNM or you may need to change your class schedule. To get your books quickly, fill out WHERE IS MY TEXTBOOK? and your textbook representative will get back to you with a swift reply.

You may also contact your dual credit textbook representative via email or telephone, see above for your textbook representative's contact information. 

Are there any other resources available to assist dual credit students with obtaining recommended-but-not-required textbooks or extra research help?
Yes, the CNM Libraries have many services and resources to support APS dual credit students with research assistance, borrowing privileges, access to the reserves collection, electronic resources, and much more. Below are two PDF fliers that the CNM Libraries have put together for APS dual credit students.

CNM Libraries Information for Dual Credit Students

CNM Libraries Databases and Catalog How-to for Dual Credit Students

UNM Math Connections - Free Math Tutoring

If you have further questions or concerns regarding APS dual credit textbooks,
please contact Valerie Valdez at 505-848-8891or email:

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