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Interpreters for Parent-Teacher Conferences

Please Note:

Due to a limited number of interpreters available for the entire district, we must allocate interpreters at schools as efficiently as possible. We do not have the resources to send several interpreters for conferences scheduled at the same time and location.

Due to high demand from all schools for PTCs, on days specifically designated by the district as parent teacher conference days our office will not schedule any other type of meeting (e.g. IEP, EDT, SAT, FBA etc.).

    • We ask school personnel to schedule conferences for Spanish, Vietnamese and Arabic speaking parents consecutively as much as possible.
    • We encourage multiple teachers to schedule their conferences in blocks of time so that one or two interpreters can cover the conferences one right after the other.
    • Please keep in mind that a conference that takes 15 or 20 minutes under normal circumstances will take longer with an interpreter. Either the content of the conference should be modified to complete it in the time allotted, or the time should be extended.

Please provide a complete schedule of conferences when submitting your request. We realize that scheduling takes a lot of coordination amongst teachers, but having available a complete schedule will allow us to provide the best service possible. Sample Schedule of Parent-Teacher Conferences

Ensuring that parents attend the meetings

In the past, the district lost over $10,000 in one year as a result of parents failing to attend meetings (IEP, student hearings, parent-teacher conferences, etc.) for which an interpreter was present and had to be compensated.

In order to minimize or even eliminate the number of no shows, we ask:

  • That attendance at the meetings is confirmed with parents a day or two before the scheduled appointment.
    • For meetings requiring a Spanish interpreter we ask the schools to call the parents before the meetings.
    • For languages other than Spanish, such as Vietnamese, Arabic, Chinese, etc., please provide our office with contact information for the family on the request form so that our office can call the family to confirm attendance.

If the school finds out that a parent will not attend his/her scheduled meeting, please call or email the Translation Services office to cancel the request for an interpreter.

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