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Person Title Phone
Jessica Villalobos Senior Director (505) 881-9429 ext. 80080
Sandra López-Alvarado Instructional Manager (505) 881-9429 Ext. 80073
Richard Cisneros Instructional Manager (505) 881-9429 ext. 80076
Cheryl Armijo Director’s Secretary (505) 881-9429 ext: 80075
Gabi Rivera Family/Community Laison 881-9429 Ext. 80074
Carlos Ortega Resource Teacher (505) 881-9429 ext. 80492
Dolores Sanchez ELL District Coach (505) 881-9429 ext. 80494
Ann Swickard ELL District Coach (505) 881-9429 ext. 80496
Terese Bridges Resource Teacher (505) 881-9429 ext. 80498
Greg Hansen ELL District Coach (505) 881-9429 ext. 80081
Judy Garcia-Martinez Resource Teacher (505) 881-9429 ext. 80495
Gabriela Ramírez Resource Teacher (505) 881-9429 ext. 80503
Mirle Hernandez Resource Teacher (505) 881-9429 ext. 80494
Mercedes Valenzuela Resource Teacher 881-9429 Ext. 80498
Amy Maestas Test Specialist (505) 881-9429 ext. 89017
Angelica Luna Test Specialist (505) 881-9429 ext. 89004
Ellalira Pichardo Test Specialist (505) 881-9429 ext. 89008
Irene Camarillo Test Specialist (505) 881-9429 ext. 89004
Jody Teitsworth Test Specialist (505) 881-9429 ext. 89015
Katherine Rogalski Test Specialist (505) 881-9429 ext. 89012
Yvonne Sanchez Test Specialist (505) 881-9429 ext. 89013
Language and Cultural Equity News
Just in! New documentary highlights Truman Middle School's Dual Language Program!
This documentary celebrating Truman Middle School's Dual Language program was created UNM students Magdalena Sterling and Ciara Frazer who both have learned Spanish as a second language. The film is entirely in Spanish and is 10:18 minutes long. It was presented for their final project in their Spanish class at UNM. Enjoy!
New LCE Intranet Page
The Language and Cultural Department is in the process of migrating content from this department web page to the new APS Intranet site. While the new intranet is accessible to APS employees only, our current department page remains available for public use.
New! Updated APS Bilingual Seal Information and More!
Information and documents regarding the APS Bilingual Seal process