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Description of Bilingual Seal, recommendation forms, rubrics, sample letters to students and parents and more in both English and Spanish. Evaluation materials are sent directly to High School Bilingual Coordinators. For more information, please contact Language and Cultural Equity (505) 881-9429
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Schools with Bilingual Education Models

Albuquerque Public Schools serves approximately 12,000 students in schools with bilingual education programs.

The goal is to graduate students who are proficient in English and their home language in all four modalities of listening, speaking, reading and writing. They receive daily instruction in English, their home language (where available), and the cultures of New Mexico.

Schools with bilingual education programs submit an application to the State Department of Education each spring for implementation in the new academic year. In New Mexico, an English Plus State, Hispanic students comprise the largest population of students in bilingual education.  Navajo – English bilingual education programs are also available.

For more info regarding bilingual program models at these schools contact your LCE Instructional Manager at 881-9429.

Below is a listing of schools with bilingual program model information:


DL = Dual Language Bilingual Ed. (50/50 unless otherwise noted)

MBE = Maintenance Bilingual Ed.

TBE = Transitional Bilingual Ed.

Elementary Schools

Adobe Acres DL & MBE

Alameda – MBE

Alamosa – MBE, DL

Alvarado – DL

Armijo – DL & MBE

Atrisco –  MBE

Barcelona – MBE

Carlos Rey – MBE, DL

Chaparral – MBE

Cochiti – MBE

Coronado - DL

Dolores Gonzales–DL& MBE

Duranes – MBE, DL

East San Jose – DL

Edward Gonzales –DL&MBE

Emerson – MBE

Eugene Field – DL & MBE

Hawthorne – DL & MBE

Helen Cordero - DL

Kit Carson – MBE, DL

La Luz – MBE

La Mesa – DL & MBE

Lavaland – MBE 

Lew Wallace – MBE

Longfellow – DL

Los Padillas – MBE, DL

Los Ranchos – MBE

Lowell – MBE

Mark Twain – MBE

Mary Ann Binford – MBE

Monte Vista – MBE

Montezuma – DL

Mountain View – MBE

Navajo – DL & MBE

Painted Sky – DL & MBE Pajarito – DL, MBE

Reginald Chavez – DL, MBE

Rudolfo Anaya – MBE, DL

Susie Rayos Marmon –MBE, DL

Valle Vista – DL

Wherry – DL & MBE

Whittier – MBE, DL

Zia – DL & MBE

(43 Schools)


DL = Dual Language Bilingual Ed. (green= 90/10, purple= 50/50)

MBE = Maintenance Bilingual Ed.

TBE = Transitional Bilingual Ed.

Middle Schools

John Adams – MBE, DL

Jimmy Carter – MBE

Ernie Pyle – MBE

Harrison – MBE, DL

Hayes – MBE

Jefferson – MBE

Polk – MBE

Truman – DL

Van Buren – MBE

Washington – DL

Wilson – MBE

(11 Schools)


DL = Dual Language Bilingual Ed. (green= 90/10, purple= 50/50)

MBE = Maintenance Bilingual Ed.

TBE = Transitional Bilingual Ed.

High Schools


Albuquerque High–MBE

Del Norte – MBE

Highland – MBE

Rio Grande – MBE

Valley – MBE

West Mesa – MBE

Atrisco Heritage Academy-MBE

(8 Schools)

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