Property Accounting

Donated Items Received

Albuquerque Public Schools, as a district or as individual schools, may accept gifts, grants and donations.

Any and all gifts, grants and donations, including gifts or donations of a device, object or title to property, which have a fair market value of over five-thousand dollars ($5000) shall be subject to approval from the Board of Education prior to acceptance by the district or an individual school.

Acceptance of such material in no case should be considered as a testimonial or endorsement by the school system of a product or business enterprise. Monetary gifts are subject to APS accounting procedures.

All gifts received become the property of the District. Gifts and donations:

  1. must have a purpose consistent with the objectives of the district,
  2. must be offered by a donor acceptable to the Board of Education,
  3. must not add to the staff load,
  4. must not begin a program that the Board will be unwilling to take over when the gift or grant funds are exhausted,
  5. must not bring undesirable or hidden costs to the district,
  6. must be instructionally appropriate,
  7. must not create conflict with any provision of state or federal law or N.M. State Department of Education regulations.

Sale of School Property

Public property cannot be sold directly by the school.  Items for disposal must be sold through APS Salvage.  Items for resale must also be sold through APS Salvage, but you may arrange to have the proceeds abated to your school account.  (Example:  An automobile which was donated to the high school automotive shop for student practice in repair, and subsequent sale.  Proceeds to be used in the school automotive program.)

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