School Procedures

Parents groups have often provided needed interest, support, and resources to supplement the programs.  The District appreciates these efforts to enrich the instructional program to inspire students in their efforts in school.

Parent organizations should not commit the school community to activities which impinge on instructional time or require inordinate amounts of time, effort, or money.  It is essential that activities which use the name or implied support of the school or District adhere to policies, procedures and financial safeguards expected of public bodies.  For the protection of the groups and schools, adherence of all parent groups is necessary.  School personnel must ensure that the guidelines are adequately distributed and implemented.

The school principals and staff must be familiar with the APS Instructional Procedural Directive Parent Organizations and Booster Clubs.  This information should be provided to officers of auxiliary clubs.  The following is a summary of school (principal’s) responsibilities:

  • Authorization/Denial Form: Must be kept at the school site and a copy sent to APS Finance
  • · End of Year Financial Report: A copy must be kept at school site and sent toauthoDenialForm APS Finance
  • · Bylaws:  Maintain for each parent/booster club.  Bylaws must contain items listed in the Procedural Directive.
  • · Bonding:  Maintain a copy of proof of bonding for each club.
  • · APS Employees:  Ensure that no APS employee is involved with financial operations of the club since public employees place the District in a position of responsibility for funds.
  • · Tax Identification Number:  Do not give out the District number, which is legally assigned to APS as a government entity. Ensure parent clubs contact State and Federal agencies to acquire their own identification number, tax exempt status, mail permit, etc., if desired.
  • · Fund Raisers:  Approve parent fund raisers with the school principal to ensure coordination with school events and philosophies.
  • · Gambling Activities: Events may be conducted by auxiliary groups as long as the proper permits are obtained from the proper authorities.  These events must occur off campus, off-school hours, to remain outside of school jurisdiction and not interfere with the instructional day.  Final drawings may be held on campus if they are part of a school event, so long as no selling or gambling occurs. (i.e. raffles, bingos)
  • · Fees:  May only be charged for purposes incidental to the related school program (t-shirts, trips, etc.) whereas school fees would cover items required to support the basic program (materials, essential field trips, etc.).  This does not preclude the parent/booster club from contributing additional amounts for those items essential to the program.
  • · Hiring: Contractors or employees may provide services to be paid by the auxiliary group once the proper employment status and payment method is determined.

Principals are responsible for ensuring parent organizations are in sufficient compliance with procedures in order to be recognized by the school as a support group.  The following handout is intended to inform parent organizations of their responsibilities.  It is recommended the school maintain a log of parent organizations.

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