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Chapter VII - Fund Raising

  • Principal’s/Designee’s approval must be obtained for fund raisers to ensure activities are coordinated among teachers, sponsors, parent and booster clubs (sample forms on pages D-7a and D-7b). Approvals should consider scheduling, fairness of opportunities, and appropriateness of district, school and community philosophies.  The accounting of all school funds are the principal’s responsibility.
  • Teachers/sponsors must adhere to District Policies and Procedures, and procedures on purchasing and receipting as provided in other chapters of this Activity Fund Manual, chapter II &III. Specifically:
  1. Activity Three-Part Receipt books must be signed out with the secretary/bookkeeper.
  2. Activity Three-Part Receipts must be issued for all monies received.  However if the amount collected is $25 and under, then the $25 and Under Receipt form may be used.
  3. Vendors from whom you intend to purchase fund raising items must be approved by Community Relations to do business with the District.
  • The Fund Raising Project Summary may be completed by the sponsor in charge (sample form on page D-7d).  The primary purpose of this form is to keep track of all monies received and spent for fund raising projects.  The sponsor responsible for such projects should update the form as cash is received thereby ensuring accuracy.
  • A school may elect to donate funds for certain special projects; however, the funds to be donated must be raised through a special fund raising project that is clearly advertised to be for that specific purpose only. A copy of the advertisement must be attached to the disbursement voucher. Both the proceeds and expenses relating to this special fund-raising project must be clearly designated in the journal. The exact amount of profit from the special fund raising project must be donated (do not round off to the nearest even dollar amount). This will insure that the special account will be closed after using all acquired funds.

Missing funds must be reported immediately to the Albuquerque Public Schools Police Department and Internal Audit Department.

Students owing balances on prior projects should be excluded from any new project until such time as all money or supplies for which they are responsible have been returned to the school.  Students who owe balances can be placed on a fine list to help with collecting outstanding balances.
Activities which can be construed as gambling are prohibited. This includes raffles, casino nights, and bingos.

APS Procedural Directive states: It is the practice of this district that neither school personnel nor school student organizations will sponsor activities that could be considered gambling, such as bingo, raffles, casino nights, etc. This does not preclude the right of parents or ancillary organizations to sponsor non-school-time activities, subject to city ordinances.

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