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Year-End Reporting

All levels

  • Submit Lost/Damaged Textbook monies collected during the school year to APS General Ledger Dept., Suite 300E, City Center.  Checks are made payable to the Board of Education. A small balance may be left in the account for refunds. Please indicate the purpose of the funds on the face of the check.

Review activity accounts for unnecessarily large balances and/or inactive accounts.

  • Large balances (clubs or classes) should be maintained only for a known purpose (i.e., upcoming equipment purchases, planned events, etc.).
  • Inactive accounts should be spent or closed by transferring the balance to a related or School-Wide account so the funds may be spent during the year(s) they were raised.
No activity fund account shall ever be permitted to incur a deficit balance.

yearEndReportElementary schools

A year-end report form will be provided each     spring.  This one page report summarizes twelve (12) months activity for the fiscal year (sample form on page D-6a). For those schools on the EPES system, a year end Ledger report may be submitted to the Finance Department instead of the one page report.

Middle and High schools

A year end Ledger Report must be submitted to the Finance Department.

All schools must submit year-end summary reports to the Finance Department by July 31 for the previous school/fiscal year (July 1 through June 30).


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