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Purchases from APS Warehouse

Purchases may be made from the APS Instructional Warehouse with activity funds. To place an order, please follow the steps listed below:

  1. School/site must complete and log an activity funds purchase order to APS Board of Education. The description should include “Warehouse Supplies Not to Exceed $_____ ”.
  2. School/site must fax the order to Materials Management at 848-8850. The order must include: School/site name, location number, contact name and phone number, funds to be charged for supplies, quantity needed, stock number and description of supplies.
  3. Materials Management will enter the order into Lawson. The order will follow the normal approval process.
  4. Materials Management will pull the order.
  5. Materials Management will contact the school to let them know the total cost of the order.
  6. School/site will make a check payable to APS Board of Education for cost of order.
  7. The school/site will contact Materials Management when the activity funds check is ready.  Keep supporting documentation from Materials Management with school voucher.
  8. Materials Management delivers the order to the school/site and picks up the activity fund check.
  9. Materials Management will deliver the activity funds check to the Finance Dept.
  10. Finance Department will deposit the activity funds check and credit the Stock Replenishment Account.



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