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Office of Innovation

Our mission is to develop intellectual capital, create choices in education, and transform systems to ensure each student graduates with the knowledge, skills, and capacities for success in a rapidly changing world.

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Magnet Schools

Magnet schools offer a unique curriculum and new experiences not available at other schools in the district.

How do magnet schools differ from other public schools? Magnet schools offer specialized programs and curriculum that meet the needs of learners who have interests beyond what is offered at a comprehensive school.

A neighborhood magnet prioritizes students who live in the attendance area and all remaining openings are filled with transfers. Pure magnet schools enroll students by application only.

How do magnet schools differ from charter schools? Magnet schools remain part of the public school system and operate under the same public school administration.


  1. Expand, align, and ensure equity of innovative choices in schools, programs, and course offerings to meet the needs of learners who are not served by traditional educational models.
  2. Bring the entrepreneurial spirit to education at all levels to approach problem solving through an asset mindset.
  3. Tackle issues of financial sustainability by strategically designing instructional infrastructure, aligning district practices and support structures that effectively meet the needs of learners, both adults and students.
  4. Shed practices that are no longer relevant in meeting student’s needs to free resources of time, attention, and finance to focus on the most effective practices in today’s CCSS ecosystem.
  5. Fully tap into the options for personalized learning that are available through effective use of technology.


  • Invest in and develop our greatest asset:  the intellectual capital of innovative practitioners.
  • Grow transformative leadership capacity with principals and teams of teachers.
  • Seek and honor the voice of the learner in transformation development.
  • Determine relevant success matrices.
  • Advocate for changes in district systems to support innovation.

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Person Title Phone
Deborah Elder Executive Director (505) 880-3753
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