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APS Required Trainings

APS employees must comply with the standards outlined in Federal Laws, State Laws, Board Policies, and Administrative Procedural Directives.

Trainings for the 2015-16 school year are available.

How do I take the course?

1. Using a web browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari, visit

2. Your Username is “e + your employee #” (e199999; add leading zeros to make it a six digit #: e000005)

3. Your Password is one of the following:

  • your employee # (add leading zeros to make it a six digit #)
  • e + your employee #
  • A unique password you created in the Blackboard system

4. Click Logon

5. Click on APS Required Trainings listed under My Courses

6. Click on one of the topics listed in the left column

7. Click to either read the script or watch the video for the topic

8. Click on the Quiz

9. Select Begin

10. Answer each question and click on the > to move to the next question

11. After the last question click Save and Submit

12. If you score an 80 or better than you are finished with that topic

13. You may retake a quiz if necessary

Who needs to take these trainings?

    • All current employees are enrolled in the blackboard course titled APS Required Trainings.
    • Full-time employees must retake these trainings every year.
    • Substitute teachers receive training prior to hire through Sub Hub, however substitutes are encouraged to complete these trainings.
    • Part-time hourly employees are encouraged to complete these trainings. (Site supervisors may choose to require it for their part-time hourly employees)

    What topics are required for me?

    The trainings are divided into categories:

    1. ALL Employees (required for all employees)

        • Bloodborne Pathogens
        • Civil Rights/Sexual Harassment
        • Confidential Information
        • Customer Service
        • Employee Regulations
        • Ethics & Conflict of Interest
        • Social Media Guidelines
        • SPAM/Phishing: Email Security: Email Security
        • Technology Acceptable Use
        • Undocumented Students

        2.  Student Safety (required for employees that work with and/or around students)

            • Bullying Behavior Prevention (updated)
            • Child Abuse & Neglect (created by the state)
            • Suicide Prevention
            • Student Health Concerns

            How do I view my scores?

              1. Log into Blackboard and open the course
              2. Click on My Quiz Grades in the left column
              3. All of your scores will be listed
              4. If you need to print this screen, make sure you scale it down so you can see your name.


                        What is the deadline date for completion of the course?

                        Courses must be completed by November 1, 2015 or 40 working days after your start date (for New Employees, Rehires and employees coming back from a Leave of Absence).

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