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Person Title Phone
Valerie Atencio Staffing Consultant: Secondary Staffing (High School) (505) 889-4873
Renee Brown Assistant Staffing Specialist: Secondary (505) 889-4803
Nancy Duran Staffing Manager: Administrative, Management, Professional Support Staff, Computer Technicians (505) 889-4822
Myra Garro Staffing Consultant: Special Education Ancillary Staff, MS & HS Special Education Teachers (505) 889-4808
Casie Jones Staffing Technician: Sub Custodians, Custodian Transfers (505) 889-4838
Stanley Keith Personnel Analyst/Recruiter (505) 889-4831
Joseph Lucero Classified Staffing Technician (505) 889-4835
Alma Luna Staffing Consultant: Elementary Special Education Teachers (505) 889-4847
Jennifer Mackey Staffing Consultant: Custodians, M&O, Secretaries/Clerks and School Police (505) 889-4823
Catherine McCullen Staffing Consultant: Educational Assistants (505) 889-4825
Lynda Olson Staffing Consultant: Elementary Staffing (505) 889-4828
Marena Ortiz Assistant Staffing Specialist: Educational Assistants and Nurses (505) 889-4805
Karyn Palmer Staffing Consultant: Athletic Coaches/Secondary Differentials (505) 889-4832
Brian Perrault Staffing Consultant: Principals/Assistant Principals, Dept. Resource Teachers, Central Office Counselors and Social Workers (505) 889-4836
Kathy Peterson Certified Staffing Secretary (505) 889-4845
Debbie Rodriguez Licensure Specialist (505) 889-4846
Myra Garro Staffing Consultant: Secondary Staffing (Middle School) (505) 889-4806
Karen Rudys Executive Director Employee Relations and Staffing (505) 889-4854
Louise Sanchez Staffing Consultant: Elementary Staffing (505) 889-4827
Tereasa Sanders Staffing Consultant: Student Transportation Service (505) 889-4833