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Staffing and Employee Relations

Contact Information

Physical Address:
6400 Uptown Blvd. NE Suite 250 East Albuquerque 87110 Map

Phone: (505) 889-4842

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Certified Staffing Secretaries:

Suite 210E, FAX 889-4885

Elementary Staffing:

Suite 210E, FAX 889-4885

  • Louise Sanchez: 889-4827, (Budget/Compliance, General Ed Teachers)
  • Lynda Olson: 889-4828, (General Ed Teachers, General Ed Dossiers)

Secondary Staffing:

Suite 210E, FAX 889-4885

  • Jessica Carr: 889-4873,   (High School General Ed Teachers, HS General Ed Dossiers)
  • Susan Stoddard: 889-4824,   (Middle School General Ed Teachers, MS General Ed Dossiers)

Educational Assistants:

Suite 210E, FAX 889-4885


Suite 210E, FAX 889-4885

  • Karyn Palmer: 889-4832, (Athletic Coaches/Secondary Differentials)

Special Education Staffing:

Suite 210E, FAX 889-4885

  • Deborah Domiguez-Clark: 889-4803, (Special Education Recruiting, and Middle/High School Special Education Teachers)
  • Tamela Rhoton: 889-4847,  (Elementary Special Education Teachers, Elementary Special Education Dossiers)
  • Socorro Rodriguez: 889-4831,   (Special Education Ancillary Staff, Middle/High School Special Education Teachers, and Middle/High School Special Education Dossiers)

Administrative & Classified Staffing:

Suite 250E, FAX 884-4271

  • Nancy Duran: 889-4822, (Administrative/Management/Professional Support, Computer Technicians)
  • Casie Jones: 889-4838,   (Sub Custodians, Custodian Transfers)
  • Brian Perrault: 889-4836, (Principals/Assistant Principals, Dept. Resource Teachers, Central Office Counselors and Social Workers)
  • Jennifer Mackey: 889-4823, (Custodians, M&O, Secretaries/Clerks, School Police)
  • Tereasa Sanders: 889-4833, (Student Transportation Services)
  • Diane Valdez, 889-4835, (Classified Secretary)

Nurses & Employee Relations:

Suite 250E, FAX 884-4271

  • Jessica Rivera: 889-4826, (Nurses, Employee Relations and Employee Drug Testing)


Suite 210E, FAX 889-4886

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