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New Mexico Educational Retirement Board (NMERB)

New Mexico Retiree Health Care (NMRHC)

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APS Exit Interview

Prior to submitting your application for retirement, it is recommended that you contact the Educational Retirement Board to confirm your eligibility and request a retirement benefit estimate. APS does not provide retirement benefit estimates. You may contact the Educational Retirement Board at 505-888-1560.

If you are eligible to retire from APS, follow the steps outlined below. Complete and submit your retirement application at least 60 days prior to the effective date of your retirement, but not more than 90-days prior.

Simple Retirement Steps

  1. Download and complete the Application For Retirement, including Section I of the New Mexico Educational Retirement Board (NMERB) “Application for Retirement.” Only name a beneficiary if you are interested in Option B or C benefits. Attach a copy of your birth certificate, and, marriage certificate. Include a copy of your beneficiary’s birth certificate only if you would like an estimate for Option B or C.
  2. Letter to APS Superintendent - Write a retirement letter to the Superintendent with the following information: your name, home address, work location name, job title, employee number, social security number, and last day of active employment and date of retirement.
  3. Post Retirement Additional Life Insurance - If you are currently enrolled for Additional Life Insurance as an active APS employee, you may choose to continue that insurance at a reduced amount, usually $25,000. Complete the Post Retirement Additional Life Insurance form enclosed in the packet. Employee Benefits Department will bill you for the prorated premium.
  4. Return Retirement Forms - Mail or deliver the original, signed Retirement packet (with a copy of Birth Certificate(s), and marriage certificate to): Albuquerque Public Schools, Employee Benefits Department, P. O. Box 25704, Albuquerque, NM 87125-0704.
    APS Employee Benefits will complete Section II of the Application for Retirement form and forward to NMERB along with a copy of your birth certificate(s) for processing. The NMERB will mail you a packet of information, including a printout of your estimated Retirement Benefit, Direct Deposit Form and additional retirement information. You will receive an acknowledgement letter signed by the Superintendent.


  • Effective Date of Retirement:
    1. Your retirement date is always the 1st day of the month following a month in which you worked. Employees on a 9-month contract who complete a school year in May must indicate July 1st  as their retirement date.
    2. ALL of your technology systems accesses, including APS email, will be deactivated on your effective date of retirement.
      • APS Health Care Insurance Coverage - Your APS insurance coverage ends on the last day of the month in which you are actively employed (For 9 – month Contract Employees – Through the end of your contract)
      1. Example 1: (Retiree July 1st – 9-month School Year Contract) – You will continue to receive summer  reserve paychecks through the last paycheck in July. Your coverage with APS ends July 31. Provided all benefit premiums have been paid in full.
      2. Example 2: (Retiree January 1st 9-Month School Year Contract – Your coverage ends December 31st.
      3. Example 3: (Retiree July 1st – 218, 223, 228, 248 and Full-Year
        Contract) – Benefits end on the last day of the month in which you are actively employed. June 30th. APS has numerous contracts, if you are not sure when your benefit coverage with APS ends, please contact Employee Benefits at 889-4859 to confirm.
    • Retiree Health Care Insurance Coverage – As a Retiree from APS, you are automatically eligible to enroll for benefits with the New Mexico Retiree Health Care Authority (NMRHCA). Enrollment is not automatic, you must contact NMRHCA at 1-800-233-2576 to request an application packet and rate sheet for Retiree Health Care insurance if you want health care insurance as part of your retirement.
    • Questions Regarding Retirement – If you have questions concerning your eligibility for retirement, estimated retirement benefit, current balance in your retirement account, please contact the NMERB at 888-1560. APS does not have access to this information.
    • Returning to work after Retirement – Access the NMERB  for information.
    • APS Exit Interview

      The purpose of the Exit Questionnaire is to improve employment, training and supervision practices at Albuquerque Public Schools. Your participation is completely voluntary but also very important. Please complete this questionnaire fully and honestly. Your responses are confidential. They will be combined with responses from other exiting employees to help the Human Resources department and district leaders understand employee experiences and improve working conditions.

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