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Volunteer Teachers

Request a Volunteer Application

Please contact the union at 262-2657 or the Mentor Program Liaison at 253-0335 ext. 67055 and request a volunteer application.

You will be notified that your application has been received.  After your application has been approved, a CT will contact you directly within a week.

Indicators that a teacher needs assistance

Below is a list of statements that apply to teachers who are struggling to complete the responsibilities that come with teaching.

  • I don’t plan and/or prepare for instruction
  • I struggle with lesson planning
  • I have inadequate content knowledge to teach my students the required topics
  • I have serious discipline and classroom management problems
  • I write more student referrals than my colleagues
  • I have frequent conflicts with students
  • I lack instructional strategies (I lecture often, and usually do not put students in groups for learning purposes.)
  • My lessons do not hold student interest during activities
  • I have difficulty differentiating instruction
  • I do not align assessment tools and strategies
  • I have trouble with organization and managing day to day job requirements
  • I have difficulty communicating with colleagues, parents, and students about progress and learning needs

If you answered yes to several of these, you may need assistance from a PAR Consulting Teacher (CT). PAR CTs work with teachers who are interested in becoming better instructors through a confidential partnership.  When a teacher volunteers for PAR support, a Needs Assessment is created to focus the CT/teacher collaboration.  The work is between the CT and teacher.  There is no principal notification or PAR Panel reporting.


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