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Policies and Agreements

Policies and agreements are applicable to all employees.

APS Board Policies and Administrative Procedural Directives

These policies and directives are update when necessary. Employees are responsible for reading and complying with them. Policies and Procedural Directives

Employee Handbook

This handbook outlines important information about work place policies personnel policies, compensation, and benefits. If you are covered by a collective bargaining agreement then you should also refer to that contract’s terms and conditions of employment. Employee Handbook

Confidentiality and Privileged Use Statement

Any and all information relative to employee/student information is privileged and confidential. Unauthorized disclosure of confidential information by an employee who has access to employee/student information by computer or any other means may result in the Albuquerque Public Schools being held culpable under the federal guidelines of the Right to Privacy Act. It is imperative that any disclosure or use of employee/student information be limited to approved, authorized use.

By signing the Accountability Form, I understand that all information regarding
employee/student gained through the performance of my duties is privileged and
confidential. I also understand that failure to comply with confidentiality and authorized use of any employee/student information for any purpose or failure to safeguard and protect confidential information may be grounds for disciplinary action including termination.

Conflict of Interest Policy

Employees must comply with APS policies designed to address the provisions of the New Mexico Governmental Conduct Act.

Drug-Free Workplace Act

The Drug‐Free Workplace Act mandates that all employees in an organization that received federal funds must be advised of the regulation in the Act. The Albuquerque Public Schools Board of Education has therefore issued the following Policy statement in order to comply with the Workplace Act:

Technology Acceptable Use

This policy outlines important information about how technology resources should be utilized in the workplace:

Discrimination and Harassment Policy

Sexual harassment is a violation of federal law and district policy:

Negotiated Agreements

The Negotiated Agreements are available online for outside bargaining units or unions that have agreements with APS. If you are covered by one of the Negotiated Agreements then please review its contents.

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