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Trainings and professional development courses are required for APS employees.

Mandatory Training

Federal, State, and District mandates require that training be provided for a variety of topics. The type of work you do determines the courses you are required to complete. Your signature on the APS Accountability Form verifies that you promise to complete the appropriate trainings within the mandated time period for each training/course.

APS Required Trainings

This is an online course required for all employees. The course contains a number of trainings. You must complete the trainings required for the type of work you do. The course will be available to you after you officially start working.APS Required Trainings explanation and directions

Alternative Language Services Training

This training is  conducted by Language and Cultural Equity. The requirement is the result of an Office for Civil Rights finding that LEP students in APS were not afforded equal access to education and mandated employees complete training. Language and Cultural Equity website

  • Administrators are trained to manage Alternative Language Services
  • Certified staff are trained to teach English Language Learners (Limited English Proficient (LEP) Students)
  • Classified staff are trained to work with LEP students and their families
  • Employees must complete this training within their first year of hire
  • A record will be archived in the APS employee database system indicating the completed training

Other Trainings Available

Find out about other trainings available to APS employees. Training Resource Center