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Mentor Program for Teachers

Contact Information

Physical Address:
Lincoln Complex 912 Oak St SE, Building M Albuquerque, NM 87106 Map

Phone: (505) 253-0335
Fax: (505) 883-2773


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Welcome to The Mentor Program: An APS/ATF Partnership

The Mentor program is a partnership between the Albuquerque Public Schools and the Albuquerque Teachers' Federation. The Mentor Program takes a comprehensive approach to providing qualified, site-based mentors for beginning teachers in the Albuquerque Public School District. The chief role of a mentor is offering support and practical advice to beginning teachers based on observation and discussion of the beginning teacher’s professional experiences.

All Documentation is now submitted via Google Classroom! 

Mission Statement

This program supports the success of “beginning teachers” by carefully matching their needs with developed skills of mentors in a well designed, collaborative program.

Vision Statement

All “beginning teachers” will participate in a quality mentor program.

Program Goals

  • To provide beginning teachers an effective transition into the teaching profession;
  • To increase the retention rate of beginning teachers;
  • To have a positive effect on student achievement, and;
  • To create a more comprehensive mentoring program by bringing various efforts to support beginning teachers together in a more intensive district-wide program.
  • To meet the state of New Mexico requirements, which state that beginning teachers must receive a minimum of one full year of mentoring support within their first three years of the profession. Proof of mentorship is also a requirement for Level I to Level II licensure advancement.                                 

Here's What They're Saying:

“I think this experience has been as good for me as my first-year teacher.”
~ Mentor

“… mentors are supported with ongoing professional development so they can continue to learn as well as the first year teachers.”
~ Governance Panel Member

“... this program is invaluable to ALL of us! I believe we need a cadre of experienced individuals to offer continual encouragement, reinforcement, and positive feedback. Thank you for all you do, it takes all of us to make a school the best it can be for our students and staff.”
~ Principal

“I never realized how lonely teaching can be. We are surrounded by children all day long, but as a community of teachers, we are isolated. My mentor has filled a void for me. I no longer feel isolated in my portable and although I have made some ‘first-year teacher’ mistakes, my mentor has told me, ‘I will not let you fail.’ She has provided me with sound advice, pertinent materials, observations, and most importantly, her friendship. Thank you for pairing me with an experienced teacher!”
~ First Year Teacher

“More than anything else, my mentor goes above and beyond just mentoring me.  She is consistent and steady and helps me to set realistic expectations—and keeps me calm! I can always ask her anything and she is always available to me.”
~ First Year Teacher