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Level 3 Renewal Guidelines

LEVEL 3 RENEWAL:  License due for renewal by June of the current school year

  1. 60% of total possible points on Observation Domain 2 & 3. *Additional changes may take place after the decision by the court in AFT vs. NMPED.
  2. If requirement 1 met: apply on-line at beginning in January. Use previous year's observation scores.
    a.  Superintendent’s Recommendation will be provided to NMPED electronically
  3. If requirement 1 NOT met use current year's observation scores. If requirement still not met: submit the Recommendation Extending Standard License

Special Circumstances: If you have not taught part or all of the years of your license you may request an extension. Request to Extend License Unused During Part or All of the Term of the License

NOTE: The documents necessary for mailing in your application are available by clicking on  apply by mail and  Superintendents Recommendation for Continuing Licensure.  You will need both forms.



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