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Teacher Dossier Process

The dossier process is not related to the licensure process. Learn more about the teacher dossier process >>

UPDATED REQUIREMENTS FOR ADVANCEMENT AND RENEWAL OF TEACHING LICENSES based on preliminary injunction issued 12/2/15 in the Albuquerque Federation of Teachers vs New Mexico Public Education Department.*

*This information is subject to change based on the outcome of the lawsuit.


For information about renewing or advancing your license, click on your current licensure level:

New Mexico Public Education Department

The NMPED's Professional Licensure Bureau determines qualifications for and issues licenses to:

  • Teachers
  • Administrators
  • Other instructional personnel

They also provide technical assistance to individuals seeking licensure and to local school officials who must hire licensed staff.

What you need to know

  • Your licensure level and renewal date (
  •  Your most recent APS Observation and PDP Summary observation scores
  • Your student achievement scores from your most recent NM TEACH District Effectiveness Summative Teacher's Report, if you are determining eligibility to advance without a dossier.

OR if not evaluated using scored observations

  • Your most recent Albuquerque Public Schools Summative Evaluation document.


Advancement: Moving from Level 1 to Level 2 or Level 2 to Level 3. Also known as leveling up.

3 Years: 480 days.

Renewal: Remaining at Level 2 or Level 3; apply for renewal 6 months prior to the license's expiration.

Extension: License is due in June of the current school year but meet requirements for requesting expiration date extension to June of the following year. Formal request must be supported by APS. Contact:

Albuquerque Public Schools Summative Evaluation: Year-end documentation of evaluation results for teachers who are not evaluated using scored observations and therefore do not receive a NMTEACH Summative Report.

Albuquerque Public Schools Observation and PDP Summary: End of Year Summary for teachers with scored observations based on the NMTEACH Rubric.

NMTEACH District Educator Effectiveness Summative Teacher’s Report: Report generated by NMPED based on student achievement, observations, and multiple measures. Location of VAS Student Achievement points used to determine eligibility to advance without a dossier.

Observation Score Domain 2 & 3:  Score on NMTEACH Summative Evaluation and APS Observation and PDP Summary based on scored observations.

MLP/Oasys: Contains scored observations used in the Observation and Multiple Measures portion of the NMTEACH Summative Report. NMTEACH Summative Report is not in Teachscape or MLP/Oasys.

APS letter of support/approval: Requirement for some renewals and advancements. Form available at>departments>licensure

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