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Applying for Sick Leave Bank (SLB) Benefits

Sick Leave Bank Flowchart

Sick Leave Bank Application Form

Sick Leave Bank Physician's Statement

Sick Leave Bank Guidelines

Employees must be eligible for a Leave of Absence before being eligible for compensation benefits from the Sick Leave Bank.  Required criteria for approved Leave of Absence plus Sick Leave Bank compensation benefits:

  • Have worked for Albuquerque Public Schools for at least 12 months
  • Covered under the respective negotiated agreement contract
  • Be a paying member of the Sick Leave Bank for greater than 90 days
  • Have an approved claim by the Sick Leave Bank Review Committee

Applications must be submitted on the official APS Sick Leave Bank Application form and must be accompanied by the APS Sick Leave Bank Physician’s Statement from a physician, or other health care provider, licensed to treat in the area described in the application.



Qualifying Medical Events for Sick Leave Bank Consideration

The following is a quick list of qualifying events. For more detailed information, please see the Sick Leave Bank Guidelines.

  • Catastrophic personal illness or injury that:
    • is sudden, unexpected and severe
    • requires active treatment that cannot be postponed
    • leaves employee unable to perform essential job functions
    • requires treatment that exceeds the employee's accrued sick leave, personal leave, and annual leave
  • If related to pre-delivery and post-delivery maternity complications, requires health care provider ordered hospitalization or bed rest
  • If related to mental health claims, employee must:
    • Be under the care of a licensed board certified psychiatrist or a licensed clinical psychologist.
    • Participate in an active treatment program
    • Consult with the APS Employee Assistant Program (EAP)

Please note that work related injuries will not be covered by the SLB. Please see APS policy on work related injuries.

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