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Human Resources News
Blue Cross & Blue Shield Purchase of Lovelace Health Plan Won't Interrupt Service
APS employees who have medical coverage through Lovelace can continue visiting the same doctors, hospitals, clinics and pharmacies.
APS Staff Participate in Health, Wellness Screenings
80 percent completed biometric screenings, personal health profiles.
Presbyterian Apologizes for Miscommunication about Free Gym Memberships
The health plan clarifies confusion surrounding a new gym membership program that doesn't apply to APS employees.
APS News
Bus Drivers Get Training, Recognition
More than 400 bus drivers attend back-to-school conference
255 APS Students Receive Diplomas as a Result of Summer Courses
Students participated in commencement exercises Tuesday night at the Kiva Auditorium
Office of Innovation Gets New Leader
Deborah Elder will take over the office charged with providing more choices.
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File a Complaint

Who may file:

  • Students
  • Parent(s)/legal guardian(s) on behalf of his/her student
  • Employees

How to file:

  • Complete, date, sign, and submit the complaint form to the Office of Equal Opportunity Services (EOS)

Filing a Complaint

  • All complaints must be in writing, signed, and dated. Provide your name, current address and telephone number.
  • The complaint form should explain the basis of your allegations.
  • Provide approximate date(s) - (month, day, year) of the alleged act(s) or wrong doing on the complaint form.Complaint must be filed within 180 days of the most recent event.
  • Provide the name(s) of the individual(s) who allegedly have committed the wrong doing including location and job position.
  • Identify the location where the alleged act(s) of wrong occurred.
  • Provide specific written details of what occurred that you believe to be prohibited conduct or wrong doing. It is important that you be as specific as possible to assist us in determining what issue(s) must be investigated.
  • Provide any documentation you may have to support your belief of the prohibited conduct or wrong doing.
  • Provide any other information you feel may support your allegation(s), e.g., name, addresses, and phone numbers of witnesses, and other individuals who may have knowledge of the alleged prohibited conduct or wrong doing.
  • When the complaint form is completed, mail, fax or deliver your form to the address above.

Where to file:

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