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Dossier Process for Teachers

Please direct questions to the Staffing Consultants listed below:

High School and Middle School:

Elementary School:

Special Education:

Professional Development Dossier Approval / Verification Process

Licensure Advancement Only*

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Teacher must have three (3) full school years of teaching experience (480 days as the teacher of record) at the current level of licensure (Level 1 or Level 2) with successful annual evaluations and: 
This is found in the State of NM Statutes: AA. “teacher” means a person who holds a level one, two, or three-A license and whose primary duty is classroom instruction or the supervision, below the school principal level, of an instructional program or whose duties include curriculum development, peer intervention, peer coaching or mentoring or serving as a resource teacher for other teachers
  • If you are a Level 1 teacher wanting to advance to Level 2 you must have completed the mentorship requirement for beginning teachers or:
  • If you are a Level 2 teacher wanting to advance to Level 3 you must hold a post-baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited college or university or hold certification from the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards*.

*If you hold certification from the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, you may submit this certification in lieu of a Dossier.  You must still meet the requirements in 1 and 2 above.

If the teacher meets the eligibility requirements above then follow the process below:

  • Teacher notifies APS Human Resources that strands A, B, and C are submitted.  The teacher will notify the appropriate staffing consultant by e-mail. The teacher must include the following information in the e-mail:
      1. Name
      2. Licensure #
      3. Employee #
      4. School

Staffing Consultants

High School and Middle School:

Elementary School:

Special Education:

    Please only notify one consultant so as to avoid duplication of work.

      1. Teacher notifies his/her principal/assistant principal that strands A, B, and C are submitted.  Also note if it is a first submission or resubmission.
      2. The principal/assistant principal will complete the APS Principal Verification form (Professional Development Dossier).  The principal/assistant principal must sign the form.  Human Resources will only accept an original signature.
        Do not FAX or e-mail the Principal Verification Form.
      3. Principals and Assistant Principals have two options to view the Dossier.  The teacher can log in at the school and the principal/assistant principal can view it at school or the principal/assistant principal can come to Human Resources to view it.  The principal is only verifying that the Dossier is the work of the teacher submitting it.  (Principals are not approving the Dossier.)
      4. The principal/assistant principal completes the current year’s evaluation form and   PDP if it is the February or July submission.
      5. After the principal/assistant principal has completed the Principal Verification Form and signed it, along with completing the evaluation form and PDP, the teacher schedules a time to meet with the appropriate staffing consultant in Human Resources.  The teacher must bring the Principal Verification Form, the evaluation form (summative or progressive documentation of teacher performance form), and the 3 PDP forms to Human Resources.  (5 forms in all).  Bring these forms to the meeting with the staffing consultant.
      6. The teacher must bring the forms to Human Resources no later than five (5) working days after the close of the submission period.
      7. The staffing consultant will complete the APS Human Resources Verification form (Professional Development Dossier) and provide the Human Resources Licensure Office with the form.
      8. The APS Human Resources Licensure Office will then electronically submit strands D and E to complete the process.
      9. The results are sent directly to the teacher.  APS does not receive the results. When the teacher receives the license, he/she must bring it to the Human Resources Licensure Office so that his/her licensure record can be updated to place the teacher on the appropriate pay scale: The submission period is: July 15 – March 31. The new license must be submitted to HR prior to October 15 in order to receive the new pay rate.
      10. If you are doing a resubmission you must still bring to Human Resources the Principal Verification form since your principal must verify the Strand that you resubmitted is your work.

    Useful tips and things to consider:

    • Notify your principal/assistant principal at the beginning of the year if you plan on doing a dossier.  Also let him/her know which submission date you will submit.
    • Complete a Declaration of Intent to Advance form at the beginning of the year. (They are available in Human Resources, at the Union Office, and on the APS intranet.)
    • Teaching on a waiver or any substandard license does not count towards teaching experience for a dossier.
    • Substitute teaching does not count towards teaching experience for a dossier.
    • You must have taught (been the official teacher of record) for 3 full years (at least 480 instructional days as teacher of record) at your current level of licensure to be eligible.
    • You must bring in five (5) forms for strands D and E. (Principal Verification Form, PDP-3 forms, and either a Summative Evaluation form if you’re level 1 or a Progressive Documentation of Teacher Performance form if you’re level 2).  Bring the forms to the meeting with your Human Resources Staffing Consultant.  Schedule your meeting with the Staffing Consultant by electronic mail.

    If you wish to read the actual rules for the Professional Development Dossier go to:

    • (there is an underscore between nmac/ and title06)
    • Scroll to Chapter 60
    • Scroll to 6.60.6 NMAC
    • Scroll to – REQUIREMENTS FOR ADVANCEMENT AND RENEWAL OF TEACHING LICENSES AFTER JUNE 30, 2004.  All the information is contained in this section.
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