Tools 4 Schools

New program delivers grade-specific supply kits to elementary schools

Albuquerque Public Schools is now selling affordable elementary school supplies to parents, parent organizations and teachers that can be delivered directly to schools or picked up at the Teachers' Toolbox, 930B Oak Street SE.

Tools 4 Schools, a program offered by the Teachers’ Toolbox which is a part of APS Graphics Production and District Services, was created this school year to help parents get supplies and materials at affordable prices, and provide a fundraising opportunity for parent organizations, as well. The program provides grade-specific Toolkits for students in kindergarten through fifth grade that include up to two dozen school supplies such as packs of pencils, crayons, scissors, erasers, glue, tissue, hand sanitizer, binders, paper and notebooks. Prices range from $35 for kindergarten kits to $54 for fifth grade kits. If the school parent organizations want to participate, they can buy Toolkits in larger quantities at discounted prices and use them as fundraisers, with up to a 15% discount per Toolkit.  

The Toolkits can be shipped directly to schools, making it more convenient for parents who don’t have time to go shopping. Each kit is delivered in a bundle, and GP&DS provide a free bag with each purchase. The program is set up to accommodate small individual purchases as well as large and even bulk orders. 

The APS Teachers' Toolbox store also provides supplies, student incentives and services for teachers such as die-cutting, laminating and poster/banner creation.

“Our staff is working hard to make supplies and services affordable and convenient for parents, parent organizations, and teachers,” said Karin Tarter, manager of Graphics Production and District Services.

To order Tools4Schools toolkits or for more information on other services, contact Tarter at, Glenda Chavez at or Agnes Chavez or call 842-3594 or 848-8766.

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