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Middle School Fine Arts Teachers

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Angela Macke Cleveland Middle School Band Phone: 881-9227 ext. 43569
Keith Garrett Cleveland Middle School Choir Phone: 881-9227
Erin Rolan Cleveland Middle School Orchestra Phone: 881-9227 ext. 43571
Sarah Hager Cleveland Middle School Art Phone: 881-9227
Donna Schmidt Desert Ridge Middle School Band Phone: 857-9282 ext. 33883

Aaron Lovato

Desert Ridge Middle School Band Assistant

Phone: 857-9282 ext. 33883
Nicki Kiner Desert Ridge Middle School Choir

Phone: 857-9282 ext. 33881
Erica Photiades Desert Ridge Middle School Orchestra Phone: 857-9282 ext. 33890
Glenna Omlor Desert Ridge Middle School Art Phone: 857-9282 ext.107
Marjorie O'Neil Desert Ridge Middle School Drama Phone: 857-9282
Sam Nesbitt Eisenhower Middle School Band Phone: 292-2530

Aaron Lovato

Eisenhower Middle School Band Assistant

Phone: 292-2530

William Gonzales

Eisenhower Middle School Choir

Phone: 292-2530 ext. 33544
Erica Photiades Eisenhower Middle School Orchestra Phone: 292-2530 ext. 33543
Ian Cooper Eisenhower Middle School Art Phone: 292-2530
Eve Ahern Wild Eisenhower Middle School Drama Phone: 292-2530
Rebecca Pickett Ernie Pyle Middle School Band Phone: 877-3770 ext. 50624
Esther Bergh Ernie Pyle Middle School Choir Phone: 877-3770
Natalie Phillips-Perkoff Ernie Pyle Middle School Orchestra Phone: 877-3770
Kimberly Smock Ernie Pyle Middle School Art

Phone: 877-3770 ext. 50508

Cynthia Ballantine Garfield Middle School Band Phone: 344-1647 ext. 31
Megan Rader Garfield Middle School Choir Phone: 344-1647 ext. 54575
Lena Fahrenkrog Garfield Middle School Orchestra Phone: 344-6562 ext. 54513
René Palomares Garfield Middle School Art 344-1647
Phillip Ortega George I. Sanchez Community School Band Phone: 253-0300 ext: 39679
Angelica Facio George I. Sanchez Community School Choir Phone: 253-0300
Mark Opperman George I. Sanchez Community School Orchestra & Guitar Phone: 253-0300
Rosa Weiss George I. Sanchez Community School Art Phone: 253-0300
Derek Warren Grant Middle School Band Phone: 299-2113 ext. 30561
Megan Rader Grant Middle School Choir Phone: 299-2113
Judy Jones Grant Middle School Orchestra Phone: 299-2113 ext. 30534
Martha Sousa Grant Middle School Art Phone: 299-2113 ext. 3061
Monica Pena Morla Harrison Middle School Band & Orchestra

Phone: 877-1279

Juan Duran Harrison Middle School Choir Phone: 877-1279
NONE Harrison Middle School Art NONE NONE
Emily Gibbs Hayes Middle School Band Phone: 265-7741 ext. 26542
Maile Soon Hayes Middle School Choir Phone: 265-7741
Joseph P. Baca Hayes Middle School Art Phone: 265-7741
Brent Kelly Hoover Middle School Band Phone:298-6897
Bethany Vikeman Hoover Middle School Choir Phone: 298-6896
Maria Stepanova Hoover Middle School Orchestra Phone:298-6896
Dale Simpkins Hoover Middle School Drama Phone:298-6896
Ryan Schlee Hoover Middle School Art Phone: 298-6896
Stephen Snowden Jackson Middle School Band Phone: 990-3240 ext.23549
Erin Rolan Jackson Middle School Orchestra Phone: 291-6835 ext. 23551
Bethany Vikeman Jackson Middle School Choir Phone: 291-6835
Somer Sloan Jackson Middle School Drama Phone: 299-7377
Marcia Tippit Jackson Middle School Art Phone: 299-7377
Chris Smith James Monroe Middle School Band Phone: 897-0101 ext. 40868
Angelynn Gomez James Monroe Middle School Choir Phone: 897-0101 ext. 40867
Chanel Gilbert James Monroe Middle School Orchestra Phone: 897-0101 ext. 22089
Amanda Allred James Monroe Middle School Drama Phone: 897-0101 ext. 40844
Geoff Smith James Monroe Middle School Art Phone: 897-0101
Taron Kouri Jefferson Middle School Band Phone: 255-8691 ext. 425
Esther Bergh Jefferson Middle School Choir Phone: 255-8691
Robert Janov Jefferson Middle School Rhythm Band Phone: 255-8691 ext. 425
Suzanne Shelton Jefferson Middle School Orchestra Phone: 255-8691 ext. 20532
Christina Rockwell Jefferson Middle School Art Phone: 255-8691 ext. 20521
Faith Grattan Jimmy Carter Middle School Band Phone: 833-7540
Jeffrey Cooper Jimmy Carter Middle School Choir Phone: 833-7540
Anne Bateman Jimmy Carter Middle School Orchestra Phone: 833-7540 ext. 7151
Pita Ramirez Jimmy Carter Middle School Art Phone: 833-7540 ext. 7455
Tim Hill John Adams Middle School Band Phone: 831-0400
Somer Sloan John Adams Middle School Choir & Drama Phone: 831-0400
Lena Fahrenkrog John Adams Middle School Orchestra

Phone: 831-0400
Janda Hindi John Adams Middle School Art Phone: 831-0400 ext. 58802
Nate Ashbaugh Kennedy Middle School Band, Guitar Phone: 298-6701
Dori Fonda Kennedy Middle School Drama Phone: 298-6701 ext. 23911
Diane Roberts Kennedy Middle School Orchestra & Choir Phone: 298-6701
Amy Harrison Kennedy Middle School Art

Phone: 298-6701     ext. 23822

Gerri Reese L.B.J.  Middle School Band Phone: 898-1492 ext. 21112
Nathaniel (Mark) Boozer L.B.J.  Middle School Choir Phone: 898-1492 ext. 40536
Karen Schindwolf L.B.J.  Middle School Orchestra Phone: 898-1492 ext. 40532
AnnaMarie Antillon L.B.J.  Middle School Art

Phone: 898-1492 ext. 40531

Caitlynn Camacho Madison Middle School Band Phone: 299-4735 ext. 30884
Emily Awes Madison Middle School Orchestra Phone: 299-4735 ext. 37513
Shelly Andes Madison Middle School Choir Phone: 299-4735 ext. 30843
Stephanie Buterbaugh Madison Middle School Art Phone: 299-4735   ext. 30849
Robert Wall Madison Middle School Drama Phone: 299-4735
Nancy Roberts-Small McKinley Middle School Band, Orchestra Phone: 881-9390 ext. 43830
Keith Garrett McKinley Middle School Choir Phone: 881-9390 ext. 43831
Lauren Ball McKinley Middle School Art

Phone: 881-9390

April Kishbaugh Polk Middle School Band, Orchestra Phone: 877-6444 ext. 40265
Jeffrey Cooper Polk Middle School Choir Phone: 877-6444
Shannon McCrady Polk Middle School Phone: 877-6444 ext. 51140
Louis Taylor Roosevelt Middle School Band Phone: 281-3316 ext. 24141
Robin Clarke Roosevelt Middle School Choir Phone: 281-3316
Judy Jones Roosevelt Middle School Orchestra Phone: 281-3316
Brian Baker Roosevelt Middle School Art 281-3316
Alfredo Cordova Taft Middle School Band Phone: 344-4389 ext. 54831
Chanel Gilbert Taft Middle School Orchestra Phone: 344-4389 ext. 54829
Kim Sutherland Taft Middle School Art Phone: 344-4389
Kristi Raven Taylor Middle School Band Phone: 898-3666 ext. 22408
Liz Torres Taylor Middle School Choir, Guitar Phone: 898-3666 ext. 22165
Bryan Gonzales Taylor Middle School Orchestra Phone: 898-3666 ext. 44145
Isabella Carrozza Taylor Middle School Art Phone: 898-3666
Patrick Beare Tony Hillerman Middle School Band Phone: 792-4625 ext. 37567
Amy Williams Tony Hillerman Middle School Band Phone: 792-4625
Evan Stoor Tony Hillerman Middle School Choir Phone: 792-4625 ext. 37568
Melanie Meyer Tony Hillerman Middle School Orchestra & Guitar Phone: 792-4625 ext. 58025
Erin Hulse Tony Hillerman Middle School Drama Phone: 792-0698
Noel Chilton Tony Hillerman Middle School Art Phone: 792-0698
Jordan Sayre Tres Volcanes Community School Band & Orchestra Phone: 253-0200
Joe Mitchell Tres Volcanes Community School Choir Phone: 253-0200
Anna Bogaard Tres Volcanes Community School Drama Phone: 253-0200
Daniel Sault Truman Middle School Band Phone: 836-3030 ext. 58612
Elena Maietta Truman Middle School Choir Phone: 836-3030
Canice Laubhan Truman Middle School Orchestra Phone: 836-3030 ext. 60239
Darrell Goff Truman Middle School Art Phone: 836-3030
James Hinds-Martel Truman Middle School Drama Phone: 836-3030
Mason Yordy Van Buren Middle School Band, Orchestra Phone: 268-3833 ext. 26887
Carolyn (Keri) Steplowski Van Buren Middle School Choir Phone: 268-3833 ext. 26951
Charlie Anderson Van Buren Middle School Guitar Phone: 268-3833
Larry Anzures Van Buren Middle School Art Phone: 268-3833 ext. 26884
Daniella Holms Washington Middle School Band, Orchestra

Phone: 764-2000 ext. 61173
Alfred Gurule Washington Middle School Mariachi

Phone: 764-2000
Alice Webb Washington Middle School Art Phone: 764-2000 ext. 61135
David Sorensen Wilson Middle School Band Phone: 268-3961 ext. 27141
Farris Collins Wilson Middle School Choir Phone: 268-3961 ext. 27223
Mary Brasher Wilson Middle School Orchestra Phone: 268-3961 ext. 27142
Del Lack Wilson Middle School Art Phone: 268-3961