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List of Children's Literature

The books listed below are just a few of the selections used by the elementary art and music teachers as catalysts and/or resources for their lessons. The “Suggested Use” column provides a brief explanation of how each book can be used by a classroom teacher for an art or music-related activity.

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Title Author Illustrator Fine Arts - ConceptGradeSubject Matter and/or Suggested Use
A Chair for My Mother Williams, Vera B. Williams, Vera B. Art-3-D 3-5 Chairs. Use for art lesson on making chair sculptures out of clay or other 3-D medium
A Color of His Own Lionni, Leo Lionni, Leo Art-Collage K-2 Animal-chameleon. Collage, camouflaged chameleons
A Painter Florian, Douglas Florian, Douglas Art-Inspiration K-2 Inspiration. Explains where painters get their ideas for making art
A Story, a Story Haley, Gail Haley, Gail Art-Textiles K-2 Africa. Adinkra cloth lesson
A Symphony for the Sheep Millen, C. M Azarian, Mary Art-Textiles 3-5 Wool, from sheep to yarn
A Tisket, A Tasket Fitzgerald, Ella Eitan, Ora Music-Jazz K-2 African American. Sing the text, use with Ella Fitzgerald recording
A-Hunting We Will Go Kellog, Steven Kellog, Steven Music-Folk Music K-2 Animals. Rhyming words, replace words in the song
Abiyoyo Seeger, Pete Hays, Michael Music-Folk Music K-2 South African. Tale of how a man and his son foil a bogey-man. Sing the song
Achoo, Bang, Crash MacDonald, Ross MacDonald, Ross Music-Inflection K-2 Alphabet. Descriptive sound words
Albuquerque Turkey Ford, B.G. McQueen, Lucinda Music-Folk Music K-2 Thanksgiving favorite
All the Colors of the Earth Hamanaka, Sheila Hamanaka, Sheila Art-Color 3-5 Acknowledging different colors of people while recognizing we're the same underneath.
Alley Cat’s Meow Appelt, Kathi Goodel, Jon Music-Rhythm K-2 Animal-Cats. Rhythmic text, writing descriptive words
Anansi and the Moss covered Rock Kimmel, Eric A. Stevens, Janet Music-Folktale K-2 Africa. Dramatize story, use instrumental sound effects
Anansi Does the Impossible Aardema, Verna Desimini, Lisa Music-Folktale K-2 Africa-Ashanti. Anansi and his wife outsmart the Sky God
Anansi the Spider: A Tale from the Ashanti McDermott, Gerald McDermott, Gerald Art-Weaving K-2 Africa-Ashanti. Anansi gets in and out of trouble. Use with lesson on weaving
Angel Child, Dragon Child Surat, Michelle Maria Mai, Vo Dinh Art-Drawing 3-5 Dragons. Use with lessons on drawing dragons
Animal Boogie Harter, Debbie Harter, Debbie Dance K-2 Animals-jungle. Sing along, move like animals
Animal Dreaming Morin, Paul Morin, Paul Art-Folkart 3-5 Australia. Myth of creation. Use with lesson on bark dot painting
Animalia Base, Graeme Base, Graeme Art-Illustration 3-5 Alphabet. Alliterative sentences accompany each letter
Animals Should...Not Wear Clothing Barrett, Judi Barrett, Ron Art-Drawing K-2 Animals. Drawing animals wearing clothing. Humorous
Arrow to the Sun - Pueblo Indian Tale McDermott, Gerald McDermott, Gerald Music-Folktale 3-5 Native American-Pueblo. Descriptive words
Art lesson, The DePaola, Tomie DePaola ,Tomie Art-Inspiration K-2 Inspiration. Story about being creative
Ashanti to Zulu Musgrove, Margaret Dillon, Leo and Diane Art-Folkart 3-5 Alphabet. Use for African shield or mask lessons
Bach's Goldberg Variations Celenza, Anna Harwell Kitchel, JoAnn E. Music-History 3-5 Bio-Bach. Story of the composer and the musical work
Barn Dance Martin, Bill Jr. Rand, Ted Music-Movement 3-5 Fall, scarecrows, square dance
Bear Noel Dunrea, Oliver Dunrea, Oliver Music-Folktale K-2 Animals-forest. Read the voices of animals with inflection
Bear Snores On Wilson, Karma Wilson, Karma Music- rhyme K-2 Animals-hibernation
Bebop Express Panahi, H.L., Johnson, Steve & Fancher, Lou Music-Movement 3-5 Scat sing, and build movement.
Berlioz the Bear Brett, Jan Brett, Jan Music-Timbre 3-5 Animal-bear. Story where animals play instruments
Beto and the Bone Dance Freschet, Gina Freschet, Gina Music-Movement 3-5 Dia de Los Muertos. Move as suggested by text
Between Earth and Sky Buchac, Joseph Locker, Thomas Music-Folktale 3-5 Native American. Legends of sacred places
Borreguita and the Coyote Aardema, Verna Mathers, Petra Music-Folktale K-2 Mexico. Lamb uses her clever wiles to keep a coyote from eating her
Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain Aardema, Verna Vidal, Beatriz Music-Cumulative K-2 Africa. Cumulative rhyme
Brown Bear, Brown Bear Martin, Bill Jr. Carle, Eric Art-Collage K-2 Animals. Basic animal shapes, collage with texture and pattern
Brown Bear, Brown Bear Martin, Bill Jr. Carle, Eric Music-Pattern AB K-2 Animals. Sing questions and answers to Twinkle
Brown Rabbit’s Shape Book Baker, Alan Baker, Alan Art-Shape K-2 Animal-rabbit. Use for lessons on creating shapes
Camille and the Sunflowers Anholt, Laurence Anholt, Laurence Art-Artist 3-5 Bio-Van Gogh. Use with sunflower unit
Can You Cuddle Like a Koala? Butler, John Butler, John Drama K-2 Animals. Rhyming text describes how various animals move.
Can you see the Red Balloon? Blackstone, Stella Harter, Debbie Art-Observation K-2 Observation. Pick out objects of different colors in each picture
Carnival of the Animals Lithgow, John Kulikov, Boris Music-Timbre K-2 Orchestra instruments. well-suited for movement activities
Chato’s Kitchen Soto, Gary Guevara, Susan Art-Painting 3-5 Animal-cat. Language of the barrio. Painting lessons
Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Martin, Bill Jr. Ehlert, Lois Music-Rhythm K-2 Alphabet. Say rhythmic text and keep the beat on instruments
Chicka, Chicka, 1-2-3 Martin, Bill Jr. Ehlert, Lois Music-Rhythm K-2 Counting with rhythmic text
Click-Clack, Moo Cronin, Doreen Lewin, Betsy Music-Timbre K-2 Instruments. Add sound effects
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Barrett, Ron and Judi Barrett, Ron and Judi Art-3-D 3-5 Food. Make sculpture of food from clay.
Color Zoo Ehlert, Lois Ehlert, Lois Art-Shape K-2 Animals-zoo. Shape and color lessons
Commotion in the Ocean Giles, Andreae Wojtowycz, David Music-Rhythm K-2 Ocean. Play instrumental sound effects
Corduroy Freeman, Don Freeman, Don Drama K-2 Teddy bear is waiting in a store for someone to buy him.
Cowboy Charlie Winter, Jeanette Winter, Jeanette Art-Artist 3-5 Bio-Russel. Story of Charles Russel, cowboy artist
Coyote Walks on Two Legs Hausman, Gerald Cooper, Floyd Drama 3-5 Native American-Navajo. Legends featuring the coyote.
Cricket’s Cage, The Czernecki, Stefan Czernecki, Stefan Art-3-D 3-5 China. A cricket helps an architect. Use with lesson on toothpick structures
Dali and the Path of Dreams Obiols, Anna Subirana, Joan Art-Artist 3-5 Surrealism and Salvador Dali
Dancing the Ring Shout Sigelson, Kim Cohen, Lisa Music-Movement 3-5 Circle Dance, Dancing the Ring Shout!
Day of the Dead Johnston, Tony Winter, Jeanette Art-Folkart 3-5 Dia de los Muertos. Various art projects
Deep Blue Sea, The Wood, Audrey Wood, Bruce Art-Color K-2 Sea. Colors on an island in the sea.
Degas and the Little Dancer Anholt, Laurence Anholt, Laurence Art-Artist 3-5 Bio-Degas. Story about Edgar Degas, painter of ballerinas
Dem Bones Barner, Bob Barner, Bob Music-Folk Music K-2 African American spiritual. Name the bones
Desert Song Johnston, Tony Young, Ed Dance 3-5 Desert. Move to match phrases from the story
Diego Winter, Jeanette Winter, Jeanette Art-Artist 3-5 Bio-Rivera. Story of Diego Rivera
Discovery of Dragons, The Base, Graeme Base, Graeme Art-Drawing 3-5 Dragons. Use with lesson on drawing dragons
Don't Worry Be Happy McFerrin, Bobby Calder, Alexander Art-Artist 3-5 Mobile art by Alexander Calder, song by Bobby McFerrin
Dot, The Reynolds, Peter Reynolds, Peter Art-Inspiration K-2 Inspiration. Intro to art lesson
Dragons, Dragons Carle, Eric Carle, Eric Art-Drawing 3-5 Dragons. Use with lesson on drawing dragons
Drummer Hoff Emberly, Barbara Emberly,Ed Music-Rhythm K-2 Rhythmic text. Read in rhythm, keeping a steady beat with instruments
E is for Enchantment James, Helen Foster Twinem, Neecy Art-Landscape 3-5 Alphabet. New Mexico topics and scenery
Earth Dance Ryder, Joanne Gorbaty, Norman Dance 3-5 Ecology. Dance slowly, spin gently
Eating the Alphabet Ehlert, Lois Ehlert, Lois Art-Color K-2 Alphabet. Fruits and vegetables from A to Z
Eggbert the slightly cracked egg Ross, Tom Barron, Rex Art-Painting K-2 Painting. A cracked egg with a talent for painting
Ella Fitzgerald, Tale of a Vocal Virtuoso Pinkney, Andrea Davis Pinkney, Brian Music-History 3-5 Bio-Fitzgerald. Ella Fitzgerald, Jazz, and scat singing
Emma’s Rug Say, Allen Say, Allen Art-Inspiration 3-5 Creativity comes from within, not from an object
Fables from Aesop Aesop (Lynch, Tom) Lynch, Tom Drama 3-5 Aesop. Familiar short moral tales
Farewell Symphony, The Celenza, Anna Harwell Kitchel, JoAnn E. Music-History 3-5 Bio-Haydn. Story of the composer and the musical work
First Starry Night, The Isom, Joan Shaddox Isom, Joan S Art-Artist 3-5 Bio-Van Gogh. A fictional account of VanGogh’s stay in Arles
Fish Eyes Ehlert, Lois Ehlert, Lois Art-3-D K-2 Animal-fish. Use with lesson with making 3-D fish with plaster fabric
Flying Feet: a Mud Flat story Stevenson, Jame Stevenson, Jame Dance 3-5 Stanley and the other animals of Mud Flat take dance lessons
Flying Feet: a story of Irish dance Burgard, Anna Marlis Burgard, Anna M Dance 3-5 Irish. Two master dancers compete
Follow the Drinking Gourd Winter, Jeanette Winter, Jeanette Music-Folk Music 3-5 African American. Slaves travel North using stars. Sing the song, dramatize story.
Fool and the Fish, The Afanasyev, Alexander Spirin, Gennady Drama K-2 Russia. Lazy fool catches enchanted fish which promises him wishes
Frida Winter, Jonah Juan, Ana Art-Portraits K-2 Bio-Frida. Frida Kahlo and her self-portraits
From Head to Toe Carle, Eric Carle, Eric Dance K-2 Animals. Non-locomotor movement. Make shapes like animals.
Gathering the Sun Flor Ada, Alma Silva, Simon Art-Color 3-5 Alphabet. About Cesar Chavez, in Spanish and English
Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue Celenza, Anna Harwell Kitchel, JoAnn E. Music-History 3-5 Bio-Gershwin. Story of the composer and the musical work
Giant Steps Raschka, Chris Raschka, Chris Music-Jazz 3-5 Bio-Coltrane. Jazz music of John Coltrane
Giraffes Can’t Dance Giles, Andreae Parker-Rees, Guy Music-Movement K-2 Animals-jungle. Move in different types of dancing
Goat in the Rug, The Blood, Charles L. Parker, Nancy Art-Textiles 3-5 Native American-Navajo. Story of weaving.
Good Griselle Yolen, Jane Christiana, David Art-Drawing 3-5 Gargoyles. Story of a widow who lives near Notre Dame cathedral
Gray Rabbit's 123 Baker, Alan Baker, Alan Art-Shape K-2 Animal-rabbit.Use for lessons on creating shapes
Hailstones and Halibut Bones O’Neill, Mary Wallner, John Art-Color 3-5 Poetry dealing with colors
Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb Perkins, Al Gurney, Eric Music-Rhythm K-2 Rhythmic text. Read in rhythm, keeping a steady beat with instruments
Hear, hear, Mr. Shakespeare Koscieniak, Bruce Koscieniak, Bruce Drama 3-5 Shakespeare-Stories, illustrations, selections from the plays
Hello Red Fox Carle, Eric Carle, Eric Art-Color K-2 Animals. Complementary colors, creation of the color wheel
Heroic Symphony, The Celenza, Anna Harwell Kitchel, JoAnn E. Music-History 3-5 Bio-Beethoven. Story of the composer and the musical work
How Are You Peeling Freymann, Saxton Freymann, Saxton Art-Inspiration K-2 Food. Vegetable photos, moods and emotions on “faces”
How Stars Fell Into the Sky Dughton, Derri Desisimi, Lisa Music-Folktale 3-5 Native American-Navajo. First Woman tries to write the laws using stars in the sky
Hush Little Baby Pinkney, Brian Pinkney, Brian Music-Folk Music K-2 American. Sing the text
I know a shy Fellow who Swallowed a Cello Garriel, Barbara O'Brien, John Music-Timbre 3-5 Instruments. Intro to instruments of the orchestra
I know an Old Lady who Swallowed a Pie Jackson, Alison Schachner, Judith Music-Folk Music K-2 Thanksgiving variation
I See A Song Carle, Eric Carle, Eric Music-Listening 3-5 Picture book. Play a Bach partita and look as the pictures fit the music
I See The Rhythm Igus, Tyomi Wood, Michelle Music-History 3-5 Jazz. History of Jazz
Jabuti - trickster tale from the Amazon McDermott, Gerald McDermott, Gerald Music-Folktale K-2 South America-Amazon. Use instruments to accompany story
Jamberry Degan, Bruce Degan, Bruce Music-Rhythm 3-5 Rhythmic text. Use instruments, make up own verses. 
Jazz Cats Davis, David R. Galey, Chuck Music-Jazz 3-5 Jazz. Cats play music in the French Quarter of New Orleans.
Jazz Fly, The Gollub, Matthew Hanke, Karen Music-Jazz K-2 Jazz. Scat singing
Jazzmatazz! Calmenson, Stephanie Degen, Bruce Music-Jazz K-2 Jazz. Mouse starts to play jazz music, other animals join in
Jingle Dancer Smith, Cynthis Leitich Van Wright and Hu Dance 3-5 Native American. Read with steady beat, walk in circle to dramatize story
Josefina Winter, Jeanette Winter, Jeanette Art-Texture 3-5 Bio-Aguilar. Mexican folk artist Josefina Aguilar. Clay figures and counting.
Jump, Frog, Jump Kalan, Robert Barton, Byron Music-Cumulative K-2 Cumulative. Play instruments as characters appear
Laughing River-folktale for Peace, The Vega, Elizabeth Haze Vega, Bobby Music-Folktale 3-5 Africa. Use with song Funga Alafia
Leaf Man Ehlert, Lois Ehlert, Lois Art-Drawing K-2 Fall leaves
Ledgerbook of Thomas Blue Eagle, The Blue Eagle, Thomas Blue Eagle, Thomas Art-Drawing 3-5 Native American ledger drawings; line, shape, horses
Legend of the Indian Paintbrush DePaola, Tomie DePaola ,Tomie Art-Painting 3-5 Native American. Myth of the Indian Paintbrush flower. Painting. Using art tools
Leonardo and the Flying Boy Anholt, Laurence Anholt, Laurence Art-Artist 3-5 Bio-Da Vinci. Story about Leonardo DaVinci, inventor and artist
Linnea in Monet’s Garden Bjork, Christina Anderson, Lena Art-Artist 3-5 Bio-Monet. Story about Claude Monet, impressionist painter
Little Cloud Carle, Eric Carle, Eric Drama K-2 Clouds. Dramatize movement of the clouds
Little Green Baker, Keith Baker, Keith Art-Line K-2 Line. Prompt for drawing a piece of art with abstract line
Magic Fan, The Baker, Keith Baker, Keith Music-Folktale K-2 Japan
Magic Hat Fox, Mem Tusa, Tricia Art-3-D K-2 Hats. Use with sculpture lesson making hats
Magic of Clay, The Quan, Adalucia Quan, Adalucia Art-Clay 3-5 Clay project instructions.
Magical Garden of Claude Monet Anholt, Laurence Anholt, Laurence Art-Artist 3-5 Bio-Monet. Story about Claude Monet, impressionist painter
Mama Don't Allow Hurd, Thacher Hurd, Thacher Music-Folk Music 3-5 Jazz. Pair with "Oh when the Saints," introduction to jazz
Manuelo, the Playing Mantis Freeman, Don Freeman, Don Music-Timbre 3-5 Animal-Praying Mantis. Making instruments
Marianthe's story, Painted Words Aliki Aliki Art-Inspiration 3-5 Inspiration. Mari's starting school in a new land.
Matthew’s Dream Lionni, Leo Lionni, Leo Art-Line K-2 Line. Abstract art
Max Found Two Sticks Pinkney, Brian Pinkney, Brian Music-Timbre 3-5 Found Sounds. Accompany with rhythm patterns.
Mixed Up Chameleon, The Carle, Eric Carle, Eric Art-Collage K-2 Animal-chameleon. Collage lessons
Mole Music McPhail, David McPhail, David Music-Inspiration 3-5 Inspiration. Discuss how music can change the world
Moonbear's Shadow Asch, Frank Asch, Frank Dance K-2 Animal-bear. Dramatize with shadow screen and movement
Mortimer Munsch, Robert Martchenko, Michael Music-Inflection K-2 Inflection. Students read as a group with vocal inflection
Mouse Paint Walsh, Ellen Stoll Walsh, Ellen Stoll Art-Color K-2 Animal-mouse. Color mixing lesson
Mud Family, The James, Betsy Morin, Paul Art-Clay 3-5 Native American-Anasazi. Use with clay lessons.
My Chair James, Betsy Depalma, Mary N Art-3-D K-2 Chairs. Use for art lesson on making chairs of wire
My Favorite Things Rodgers-Hammerstein Renee Graef Music-Folk Music 3-5 Musical theater. Sing the book
My mama sings Peterson, Jeanne W Speidel, Sandra Music-Inspiration 3-5 Inspiration. Mama has special old songs for all occasions
My Name is Georgia Winter, Jeannette Winter, Jeannette Art-Artist 3-5 Bio-O'Keefe. Story about Georgia O’Keefe, New Mexico artist
Napping House, The Wood, Audrey Wood, Don Music-Cumulative 3-5 Cumulative. Play instruments as characters appear
No Mirrors in My Nana's House Barnwell, Ysaye Saint James, Synthia Music-Rhythm 3-5 African American. Girl finds the beauty in herself through her Nana's eyes
Nuts to You Ehlert, Lois Ehlert, Lois Music-Rhythm K-2 Animal-squirrel. Rhyming story of a squirrel who comes to the window
Oh Soldier, Won't You Marry Me? Adams, Pam Adams, Pam Music-Folk Music K-2 American. Sing the text
Old Banjo, The Haseley, Dennis Gammel, Stephen Music-Timbre 3-5 Instruments. Father and Boy find old instruments on their farm
Old Chisholm Trail, The - A Cowboy Song Schanze, Rosalyn Schanze, Rosalyn Music-Folk Music 3-5 Cowboy. Sing the Song
Old MacDonald Had a Farm Adams, Pam Adams, Pam Music-Folk Music K-2 American. Sing the text
Once Upon MacDonald's Farm Gammel, Stephen Gammel, Stephen Music-Folk Music K-2 Animals-zoo. Sing Old MacDonald Had a zoo
One Bullfrog Hausman, Sid Hausman, Sid Music-Cumulative 3-5 Animals-desert. Counting with SW animals
Owl Moon Yolen, Jane Yolen, Jane Art-Texture 3-5 Animal-owl. Drawing with texture
Painter and the Wild Swans, The Clément, Claude Clément, Frederick Art-Folkart 3-5 Japanese calligraphy and painting wild swans
Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me Carle, Eric Carle, Eric Music-Dynamics K-2 Lullaby. Dramatize going up-down, loud-soft
Paperboy, The Pilkey, Dav Pilkey, Dav Art-Painting 3-5 Story of early in the morning. Painting. Cool colors
Picasso and the Girl with the Ponytail Anholt, Laurence Anholt, Laurence Art-Portraits 3-5 Bio-Picasso. Portrait lesson
Picture Book of Jewish Holidays Adler, David Heller, Linda Music-Folk Music 3-5 Jewish customs and practices.
Pictures at an Exhibition Celenza, Anna Harwell Kitchel, JoAnn E. Music-History 3-5 Bio-Mussorsky. Story of the composer and the musical work
Piggies in a Polka Appelt, Kathi Pham, LeUyen Music-Rhythm K-2 Animals-farm. Rhythmic text, writing descriptive words
Please, Baby, Please Lee, Spike and Tonya Nelson, Kadir Music-Rhythm K-2 Rhythmic text. Use rhythm patterns of words with instruments
Please, Puppy, Please Lee, Spike and Tonya Nelson, Kadir Music-Rhythm K-2 Rhythmic text. Use rhythm patterns of words with instruments
Possum come a-Knockin' Van Laan, Nancy Booth, George Music-Rhythm 3-5 Animal-opossum. Rhythmic text about an annoying opossum in the American South.
Prancing, Dancing Lily Arnold, Marsha Diane Manders, John Dance 3-5 Animal-cow. Conga line dancing
Rap a Tap Tap: Here's Bojangles Dillon, Leo and Diane Dillon, Leo and Diane Dance 3-5 Bio-Robinson. Bill "Bojangles" Robinson
Remarkable Farkle McBride, The Lithgow, Jonathan C.F. Payne Music-Timbre 3-5 Instruments. Introduction to music instrument families
Rooster's Off to See the World Carle, Eric Carle, Eric Music-Cumulative 3-5 Animals. Perform with cumulative speech pieces
Rumble in the Jungle Giles, Andreae Wojtowycz, David Music-Rhythm K-2 Animals-jungle, Use with instrumental sound effects
Senor Don Gato Manders, John Manders, John Music-Folktale 3-5 Animal-cat. Sing the text about a cat in Spain.
Shoo Fly! Trapani, Iza Trapani, Iza Music-Folk Music K-2 American. Sing the text, replace words
Sign of the Seahorse Base, Graeme Base, Graeme Drama 3-5 Rhythmic text. A tale of greed and high adventure in two acts.
Sing a Song of Sixpence Adams, Pam Adams, Pam Music-Folk Music K-2 English. Sing the book
Singing Snake, The Czernecki, Stefan Czernecki, Stefan Music-Folktale 3-5 Australia-aboriginal art. Myth of how didgeridoo was created.
Skeleton Hiccups Cuyler, Margery Schindler, S.D. Music-Rhythm K-2 Halloween. Read rhythmic text and play refrain "Hic, hic, hic" on instruments
Song and Dance Man Ackerman, Karen Gammell, Stephen Dance K-2 Soft shoe. Grandpa demonstrates old vaudeville act
Still-life Stew Pittman, Helena Clare Raymond, Victoria Art-Painting 3-5 Painting. Girl grows vegetables, paints them, makes a stew
Story of Blue Elk,Tthe Hausman, Gerald Rodanas, Kristina Drama 3-5 Native American. Elk helps a mute boy find his voice
Straight Line Wonder, The Fox, Mem Thomas, Meredith Art-Line K-2 Line. Straight line decides it's time to bend and twirl and jump.
Swing Around the Sun Esvensen, Barbara Chee, Cheng-Kee Music-Rhythm 3-5 Poems of the seasons
Tanka Tanka Skunk Webb, Steve Webb, Steve Music-Rhythm K-2 Animals-jungle. Rhythmic patterns
There was a Coyote Who Swallowed a Flea Ward, Jennifer Gray, Steve Music-Cumulative K-2 Animals-desert. Play instruments when characters appear
There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly Tabak, Simms
Taback, Simms
Music-Cumulative K-2 American. Play instruments when characters appear
There was an old lady Who Swallowed the Sea Adams, Pam Adams, Pam Music-Folk Music K-2 American. Sing the text
They Put on Masks Baylor, Byrd Ingram, Jerry Art-3-D 3-5 Native American-Many kinds of masks and their use
This house is Made of Mud Buchanan, Ken Tracy, Libba Art-3-D 3-5 Native American-Navajo. Life in a hogan
This is the House that Jack Built Adams, Pam Adams, Pam Music-Cumulative K-2 English. Sing the book
This Land is Your Land Guthrie, Woody Jakobsen, Kathy Music-Folk Music 3-5 American. Sing with book
This Old Man Adams, Pam Adams, Pam Music-Folk Music K-2 American. Sing the text, replace words
Three Billy Goats Gruff, The Finch, Mary Arenson, Roberta Music-Folktale K-2 Norway. Play instruments as characters appear
Thump-Thump, Rat-a-Tat-Tat Baer, Gene Ehlert, Lois Music-Dynamics K-2 Marching band gets louder and closer, then farther away and softer.
Tikki Tikki Tembo Mosel, Arlene lent, Blair Music-Folktale 3-5 China. Play rhythms on xylophones, use vocal inflection
Time for Bed Fox, Mem Dyer, Jane Music-Rhythm K-2 Lullaby. Rhythmic text and rhyming words
To Be a Drum Coleman, Evylyn Robinson, Aminah Music-History 3-5 African American. Story about slavery, and hope through drumming
Today is Monday Carle, Eric Carle, Eric Music-Folk Music K-2 American.Sing a song about the Days of the Week
Tuesday Wiesner. David Wiesner. David Music-Listening 3-5 Animal-frog. Picture book, play Wagner, "Ride of the Valkyries"
Turn! Turn! Turn Dillon, Leo & Diane Dillon, Leo & Diane Music-Folk Music 3-5 English. To Everything there is a season
Two left feet Stower, Adam Stower, Adam Dance 3-5 Dance. Rufus, a monster, has trouble dancing due to his two left feet
Very Busy Spider, The Carle, Eric Carle, Eric Music-Pattern AB K-2 Animal-spider. Make up a melody and sing the recurring words
Very Hungry Caterpillar, The Carle, Eric Carle, Eric Music-Inflection K-2 Animal-butterfly. Make paper butterflies, read book, and move to music
Voice of the wood, The Clément, Claude Clément, Frederick Music-Timbre 3-5 Instruments. Venetian tale about cello created by old instrument maker
Water hole, The Base, Graeme Base, Graeme Drama 3-5 Ecology. Animals visit a water hole, the water dwindles
What Charlie Heard Gerstein, Mordicai Gerstein, Mordicai Music-History 3-5 Bio-Ives. Story of the American Composer Charles Ives
When clay sings Baylor, Byrd Bahti, Tom Art-Clay 3-5 Native American. Customs of prehistoric SW tribes, designs on pottery
Why Mosquitoes Buzz in Peoples Ears Aardema, Verna Dillon, Leo and Diane Music-Folktale K-2 Africa. Cumulative. Mosquito annoys an iguana and a chain reaction ensues
Will's quill, or, How a goose saved Shakespeare Freeman, Don Freeman, Don Drama 3-5 Shakespeare for children, excellent period illustrations
Wombat Stew Vaughan, Marcia Lofts, Pamela Music-Folktale K-2 Australia. Chant ingredients as they are put in the stew
Worst Band in the Universe Base, Graeme Base, Graeme Music-Inspiration 3-5 Outer space. Sproc leaves Planet Bipp in search of musical freedom
Zin Zin Zin a Violin Moss, Lloyd Priceman,Marjorie Music-Timbre K-2 Instruments. Solo, duet, trio, etc. and instruments of the orchestra
Zoo-looking Fox, Mem Whitman, Candace Music-Rhythm K-2 Animals-zoo. Father and daughter's trip to the zoo. Sing recurring words.
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