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Fine Arts News
Sixth Annual Elementary School Honor Choir Concerts
Students in fourth and fifth grades were chosen by their music teachers to perform in a multi-school choir with their peers.
2014 Metro Youth Art Exhibit
Annual exhibit of work featuring APS high school and Middle School students
Art from the State Fair
Here is an amazing piece of art, using the technique of metal tooling, from the 2013 State Fair School Arts Show. This piece was created by Jax Vargas, who is now a 2nd grader at S.Y. Jackson Elementary School.
APS News
Fill-the-Bus Drive
Walmart collecting back-to-school items starting Aug. 1 for kids in need
Summer Graduation
255 students to get diplomas Tuesday
School Grades In
APS schools continue to make gains
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List of Children's Literature

The books listed below are just a few of the selections used by the elementary art and music teachers as catalysts and/or resources for their lessons. The “Suggested Use” column provides a brief explanation of how each book can be used by a classroom teacher for an art or music-related activity.

Hint: To find something in particular, press Ctrl+F (or Cmd+F on a Mac) to search for a particular title, author, illustrator, concept, grade, subject, or use.

Title Author Illustrator Fine Arts - ConceptGradeSubject Matter and/or Suggested Use
A Chair for My Mother Williams, Vera B. Williams, Vera B. Art-3-D 3-5 Chairs. Use for art lesson on making chair sculptures out of clay or other 3-D medium
A Color of His Own Lionni, Leo Lionni, Leo Art-Collage K-2 Animal-chameleon. Collage, camouflaged chameleons
A Painter Florian, Douglas Florian, Douglas Art-Inspiration K-2 Inspiration. Explains where painters get their ideas for making art
A Story, a Story Haley, Gail Haley, Gail Art-Textiles K-2 Africa. Adinkra cloth lesson
A Symphony for the Sheep Millen, C. M Azarian, Mary Art-Textiles 3-5 Wool, from sheep to yarn
A Tisket, A Tasket Fitzgerald, Ella Eitan, Ora Music-Jazz K-2 African American. Sing the text, use with Ella Fitzgerald recording
A-Hunting We Will Go Kellog, Steven Kellog, Steven Music-Folk Music K-2 Animals. Rhyming words, replace words in the song
Abiyoyo Seeger, Pete Hays, Michael Music-Folk Music K-2 South African. Tale of how a man and his son foil a bogey-man. Sing the song
Achoo, Bang, Crash MacDonald, Ross MacDonald, Ross Music-Inflection K-2 Alphabet. Descriptive sound words
Albuquerque Turkey Ford, B.G. McQueen, Lucinda Music-Folk Music K-2 Thanksgiving favorite
All the Colors of the Earth Hamanaka, Sheila Hamanaka, Sheila Art-Color 3-5 Acknowledging different colors of people while recognizing we're the same underneath.
Alley Cat’s Meow Appelt, Kathi Goodel, Jon Music-Rhythm K-2 Animal-Cats. Rhythmic text, writing descriptive words
Anansi and the Moss covered Rock Kimmel, Eric A. Stevens, Janet Music-Folktale K-2 Africa. Dramatize story, use instrumental sound effects
Anansi Does the Impossible Aardema, Verna Desimini, Lisa Music-Folktale K-2 Africa-Ashanti. Anansi and his wife outsmart the Sky God
Anansi the Spider: A Tale from the Ashanti McDermott, Gerald McDermott, Gerald Art-Weaving K-2 Africa-Ashanti. Anansi gets in and out of trouble. Use with lesson on weaving
Angel Child, Dragon Child Surat, Michelle Maria Mai, Vo Dinh Art-Drawing 3-5 Dragons. Use with lessons on drawing dragons
Animal Boogie Harter, Debbie Harter, Debbie Dance K-2 Animals-jungle. Sing along, move like animals
Animal Dreaming Morin, Paul Morin, Paul Art-Folkart 3-5 Australia. Myth of creation. Use with lesson on bark dot painting
Animalia Base, Graeme Base, Graeme Art-Illustration 3-5 Alphabet. Alliterative sentences accompany each letter
Animals Should...Not Wear Clothing Barrett, Judi Barrett, Ron Art-Drawing K-2 Animals. Drawing animals wearing clothing. Humorous
Arrow to the Sun - Pueblo Indian Tale McDermott, Gerald McDermott, Gerald Music-Folktale 3-5 Native American-Pueblo. Descriptive words
Art lesson, The DePaola, Tomie DePaola ,Tomie Art-Inspiration K-2 Inspiration. Story about being creative
Ashanti to Zulu Musgrove, Margaret Dillon, Leo and Diane Art-Folkart 3-5 Alphabet. Use for African shield or mask lessons
Bach's Goldberg Variations Celenza, Anna Harwell Kitchel, JoAnn E. Music-History 3-5 Bio-Bach. Story of the composer and the musical work
Barn Dance Martin, Bill Jr. Rand, Ted Music-Movement 3-5 Fall, scarecrows, square dance
Bear Noel Dunrea, Oliver Dunrea, Oliver Music-Folktale K-2 Animals-forest. Read the voices of animals with inflection
Bear Snores On Wilson, Karma Wilson, Karma Music- rhyme K-2 Animals-hibernation
Bebop Express Panahi, H.L., Johnson, Steve & Fancher, Lou Music-Movement 3-5 Scat sing, and build movement.
Berlioz the Bear Brett, Jan Brett, Jan Music-Timbre 3-5 Animal-bear. Story where animals play instruments
Beto and the Bone Dance Freschet, Gina Freschet, Gina Music-Movement 3-5 Dia de Los Muertos. Move as suggested by text
Between Earth and Sky Buchac, Joseph Locker, Thomas Music-Folktale 3-5 Native American. Legends of sacred places
Borreguita and the Coyote Aardema, Verna Mathers, Petra Music-Folktale K-2 Mexico. Lamb uses her clever wiles to keep a coyote from eating her
Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain Aardema, Verna Vidal, Beatriz Music-Cumulative K-2 Africa. Cumulative rhyme
Brown Bear, Brown Bear Martin, Bill Jr. Carle, Eric Art-Collage K-2 Animals. Basic animal shapes, collage with texture and pattern
Brown Bear, Brown Bear Martin, Bill Jr. Carle, Eric Music-Pattern AB K-2 Animals. Sing questions and answers to Twinkle
Brown Rabbit’s Shape Book Baker, Alan Baker, Alan Art-Shape K-2 Animal-rabbit. Use for lessons on creating shapes
Camille and the Sunflowers Anholt, Laurence Anholt, Laurence Art-Artist 3-5 Bio-Van Gogh. Use with sunflower unit
Can You Cuddle Like a Koala? Butler, John Butler, John Drama K-2 Animals. Rhyming text describes how various animals move.
Can you see the Red Balloon? Blackstone, Stella Harter, Debbie Art-Observation K-2 Observation. Pick out objects of different colors in each picture
Carnival of the Animals Lithgow, John Kulikov, Boris Music-Timbre K-2 Orchestra instruments. well-suited for movement activities
Chato’s Kitchen Soto, Gary Guevara, Susan Art-Painting 3-5 Animal-cat. Language of the barrio. Painting lessons
Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Martin, Bill Jr. Ehlert, Lois Music-Rhythm K-2 Alphabet. Say rhythmic text and keep the beat on instruments
Chicka, Chicka, 1-2-3 Martin, Bill Jr. Ehlert, Lois Music-Rhythm K-2 Counting with rhythmic text
Click-Clack, Moo Cronin, Doreen Lewin, Betsy Music-Timbre K-2 Instruments. Add sound effects
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Barrett, Ron and Judi Barrett, Ron and Judi Art-3-D 3-5 Food. Make sculpture of food from clay.
Color Zoo Ehlert, Lois Ehlert, Lois Art-Shape K-2 Animals-zoo. Shape and color lessons
Commotion in the Ocean Giles, Andreae Wojtowycz, David Music-Rhythm K-2 Ocean. Play instrumental sound effects
Corduroy Freeman, Don Freeman, Don Drama K-2 Teddy bear is waiting in a store for someone to buy him.
Cowboy Charlie Winter, Jeanette Winter, Jeanette Art-Artist 3-5 Bio-Russel. Story of Charles Russel, cowboy artist
Coyote Walks on Two Legs Hausman, Gerald Cooper, Floyd Drama 3-5 Native American-Navajo. Legends featuring the coyote.
Cricket’s Cage, The Czernecki, Stefan Czernecki, Stefan Art-3-D 3-5 China. A cricket helps an architect. Use with lesson on toothpick structures
Dali and the Path of Dreams Obiols, Anna Subirana, Joan Art-Artist 3-5 Surrealism and Salvador Dali
Dancing the Ring Shout Sigelson, Kim Cohen, Lisa Music-Movement 3-5 Circle Dance, Dancing the Ring Shout!
Day of the Dead Johnston, Tony Winter, Jeanette Art-Folkart 3-5 Dia de los Muertos. Various art projects
Deep Blue Sea, The Wood, Audrey Wood, Bruce Art-Color K-2 Sea. Colors on an island in the sea.
Degas and the Little Dancer Anholt, Laurence Anholt, Laurence Art-Artist 3-5 Bio-Degas. Story about Edgar Degas, painter of ballerinas
Dem Bones Barner, Bob Barner, Bob Music-Folk Music K-2 African American spiritual. Name the bones
Desert Song Johnston, Tony Young, Ed Dance 3-5 Desert. Move to match phrases from the story
Diego Winter, Jeanette Winter, Jeanette Art-Artist 3-5 Bio-Rivera. Story of Diego Rivera
Discovery of Dragons, The Base, Graeme Base, Graeme Art-Drawing 3-5 Dragons. Use with lesson on drawing dragons
Don't Worry Be Happy McFerrin, Bobby Calder, Alexander Art-Artist 3-5 Mobile art by Alexander Calder, song by Bobby McFerrin
Dot, The Reynolds, Peter Reynolds, Peter Art-Inspiration K-2 Inspiration. Intro to art lesson
Dragons, Dragons Carle, Eric Carle, Eric Art-Drawing 3-5 Dragons. Use with lesson on drawing dragons
Drummer Hoff Emberly, Barbara Emberly,Ed Music-Rhythm K-2 Rhythmic text. Read in rhythm, keeping a steady beat with instruments
E is for Enchantment James, Helen Foster Twinem, Neecy Art-Landscape 3-5 Alphabet. New Mexico topics and scenery
Earth Dance Ryder, Joanne Gorbaty, Norman Dance 3-5 Ecology. Dance slowly, spin gently
Eating the Alphabet Ehlert, Lois Ehlert, Lois Art-Color K-2 Alphabet. Fruits and vegetables from A to Z
Eggbert the slightly cracked egg Ross, Tom Barron, Rex Art-Painting K-2 Painting. A cracked egg with a talent for painting
Ella Fitzgerald, Tale of a Vocal Virtuoso Pinkney, Andrea Davis Pinkney, Brian Music-History 3-5 Bio-Fitzgerald. Ella Fitzgerald, Jazz, and scat singing
Emma’s Rug Say, Allen Say, Allen Art-Inspiration 3-5 Creativity comes from within, not from an object
Fables from Aesop Aesop (Lynch, Tom) Lynch, Tom Drama 3-5 Aesop. Familiar short moral tales
Farewell Symphony, The Celenza, Anna Harwell Kitchel, JoAnn E. Music-History 3-5 Bio-Haydn. Story of the composer and the musical work
First Starry Night, The Isom, Joan Shaddox Isom, Joan S Art-Artist 3-5 Bio-Van Gogh. A fictional account of VanGogh’s stay in Arles
Fish Eyes Ehlert, Lois Ehlert, Lois Art-3-D K-2 Animal-fish. Use with lesson with making 3-D fish with plaster fabric
Flying Feet: a Mud Flat story Stevenson, Jame Stevenson, Jame Dance 3-5 Stanley and the other animals of Mud Flat take dance lessons
Flying Feet: a story of Irish dance Burgard, Anna Marlis Burgard, Anna M Dance 3-5 Irish. Two master dancers compete
Follow the Drinking Gourd Winter, Jeanette Winter, Jeanette Music-Folk Music 3-5 African American. Slaves travel North using stars. Sing the song, dramatize story.
Fool and the Fish, The Afanasyev, Alexander Spirin, Gennady Drama K-2 Russia. Lazy fool catches enchanted fish which promises him wishes
Frida Winter, Jonah Juan, Ana Art-Portraits K-2 Bio-Frida. Frida Kahlo and her self-portraits
From Head to Toe Carle, Eric Carle, Eric Dance K-2 Animals. Non-locomotor movement. Make shapes like animals.
Gathering the Sun Flor Ada, Alma Silva, Simon Art-Color 3-5 Alphabet. About Cesar Chavez, in Spanish and English
Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue Celenza, Anna Harwell Kitchel, JoAnn E. Music-History 3-5 Bio-Gershwin. Story of the composer and the musical work
Giant Steps Raschka, Chris Raschka, Chris Music-Jazz 3-5 Bio-Coltrane. Jazz music of John Coltrane
Giraffes Can’t Dance Giles, Andreae Parker-Rees, Guy Music-Movement K-2 Animals-jungle. Move in different types of dancing
Goat in the Rug, The Blood, Charles L. Parker, Nancy Art-Textiles 3-5 Native American-Navajo. Story of weaving.
Good Griselle Yolen, Jane Christiana, David Art-Drawing 3-5 Gargoyles. Story of a widow who lives near Notre Dame cathedral
Gray Rabbit's 123 Baker, Alan Baker, Alan Art-Shape K-2 Animal-rabbit.Use for lessons on creating shapes
Hailstones and Halibut Bones O’Neill, Mary Wallner, John Art-Color 3-5 Poetry dealing with colors
Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb Perkins, Al Gurney, Eric Music-Rhythm K-2 Rhythmic text. Read in rhythm, keeping a steady beat with instruments
Hear, hear, Mr. Shakespeare Koscieniak, Bruce Koscieniak, Bruce Drama 3-5 Shakespeare-Stories, illustrations, selections from the plays
Hello Red Fox Carle, Eric Carle, Eric Art-Color K-2 Animals. Complementary colors, creation of the color wheel
Heroic Symphony, The Celenza, Anna Harwell Kitchel, JoAnn E. Music-History 3-5 Bio-Beethoven. Story of the composer and the musical work
How Are You Peeling Freymann, Saxton Freymann, Saxton Art-Inspiration K-2 Food. Vegetable photos, moods and emotions on “faces”
How Stars Fell Into the Sky Dughton, Derri Desisimi, Lisa Music-Folktale 3-5 Native American-Navajo. First Woman tries to write the laws using stars in the sky
Hush Little Baby Pinkney, Brian Pinkney, Brian Music-Folk Music K-2 American. Sing the text
I know a shy Fellow who Swallowed a Cello Garriel, Barbara O'Brien, John Music-Timbre 3-5 Instruments. Intro to instruments of the orchestra
I know an Old Lady who Swallowed a Pie Jackson, Alison Schachner, Judith Music-Folk Music K-2 Thanksgiving variation
I See A Song Carle, Eric Carle, Eric Music-Listening 3-5 Picture book. Play a Bach partita and look as the pictures fit the music
I See The Rhythm Igus, Tyomi Wood, Michelle Music-History 3-5 Jazz. History of Jazz
Jabuti - trickster tale from the Amazon McDermott, Gerald McDermott, Gerald Music-Folktale K-2 South America-Amazon. Use instruments to accompany story
Jamberry Degan, Bruce Degan, Bruce Music-Rhythm 3-5 Rhythmic text. Use instruments, make up own verses. 
Jazz Cats Davis, David R. Galey, Chuck Music-Jazz 3-5 Jazz. Cats play music in the French Quarter of New Orleans.
Jazz Fly, The Gollub, Matthew Hanke, Karen Music-Jazz K-2 Jazz. Scat singing
Jazzmatazz! Calmenson, Stephanie Degen, Bruce Music-Jazz K-2 Jazz. Mouse starts to play jazz music, other animals join in
Jingle Dancer Smith, Cynthis Leitich Van Wright and Hu Dance 3-5 Native American. Read with steady beat, walk in circle to dramatize story
Josefina Winter, Jeanette Winter, Jeanette Art-Texture 3-5 Bio-Aguilar. Mexican folk artist Josefina Aguilar. Clay figures and counting.
Jump, Frog, Jump Kalan, Robert Barton, Byron Music-Cumulative K-2 Cumulative. Play instruments as characters appear
Laughing River-folktale for Peace, The Vega, Elizabeth Haze Vega, Bobby Music-Folktale 3-5 Africa. Use with song Funga Alafia
Leaf Man Ehlert, Lois Ehlert, Lois Art-Drawing K-2 Fall leaves
Ledgerbook of Thomas Blue Eagle, The Blue Eagle, Thomas Blue Eagle, Thomas Art-Drawing 3-5 Native American ledger drawings; line, shape, horses
Legend of the Indian Paintbrush DePaola, Tomie DePaola ,Tomie Art-Painting 3-5 Native American. Myth of the Indian Paintbrush flower. Painting. Using art tools
Leonardo and the Flying Boy Anholt, Laurence Anholt, Laurence Art-Artist 3-5 Bio-Da Vinci. Story about Leonardo DaVinci, inventor and artist
Linnea in Monet’s Garden Bjork, Christina Anderson, Lena Art-Artist 3-5 Bio-Monet. Story about Claude Monet, impressionist painter
Little Cloud Carle, Eric Carle, Eric Drama K-2 Clouds. Dramatize movement of the clouds
Little Green Baker, Keith Baker, Keith Art-Line K-2 Line. Prompt for drawing a piece of art with abstract line
Magic Fan, The Baker, Keith Baker, Keith Music-Folktale K-2 Japan
Magic Hat Fox, Mem Tusa, Tricia Art-3-D K-2 Hats. Use with sculpture lesson making hats
Magic of Clay, The Quan, Adalucia Quan, Adalucia Art-Clay 3-5 Clay project instructions.
Magical Garden of Claude Monet Anholt, Laurence Anholt, Laurence Art-Artist 3-5 Bio-Monet. Story about Claude Monet, impressionist painter
Mama Don't Allow Hurd, Thacher Hurd, Thacher Music-Folk Music 3-5 Jazz. Pair with "Oh when the Saints," introduction to jazz
Manuelo, the Playing Mantis Freeman, Don Freeman, Don Music-Timbre 3-5 Animal-Praying Mantis. Making instruments
Marianthe's story, Painted Words Aliki Aliki Art-Inspiration 3-5 Inspiration. Mari's starting school in a new land.
Matthew’s Dream Lionni, Leo Lionni, Leo Art-Line K-2 Line. Abstract art
Max Found Two Sticks Pinkney, Brian Pinkney, Brian Music-Timbre 3-5 Found Sounds. Accompany with rhythm patterns.
Mixed Up Chameleon, The Carle, Eric Carle, Eric Art-Collage K-2 Animal-chameleon. Collage lessons
Mole Music McPhail, David McPhail, David Music-Inspiration 3-5 Inspiration. Discuss how music can change the world
Moonbear's Shadow Asch, Frank Asch, Frank Dance K-2 Animal-bear. Dramatize with shadow screen and movement
Mortimer Munsch, Robert Martchenko, Michael Music-Inflection K-2 Inflection. Students read as a group with vocal inflection
Mouse Paint Walsh, Ellen Stoll Walsh, Ellen Stoll Art-Color K-2 Animal-mouse. Color mixing lesson
Mud Family, The James, Betsy Morin, Paul Art-Clay 3-5 Native American-Anasazi. Use with clay lessons.
My Chair James, Betsy Depalma, Mary N Art-3-D K-2 Chairs. Use for art lesson on making chairs of wire
My Favorite Things Rodgers-Hammerstein Renee Graef Music-Folk Music 3-5 Musical theater. Sing the book
My mama sings Peterson, Jeanne W Speidel, Sandra Music-Inspiration 3-5 Inspiration. Mama has special old songs for all occasions
My Name is Georgia Winter, Jeannette Winter, Jeannette Art-Artist 3-5 Bio-O'Keefe. Story about Georgia O’Keefe, New Mexico artist
Napping House, The Wood, Audrey Wood, Don Music-Cumulative 3-5 Cumulative. Play instruments as characters appear
No Mirrors in My Nana's House Barnwell, Ysaye Saint James, Synthia Music-Rhythm 3-5 African American. Girl finds the beauty in herself through her Nana's eyes
Nuts to You Ehlert, Lois Ehlert, Lois Music-Rhythm K-2 Animal-squirrel. Rhyming story of a squirrel who comes to the window
Oh Soldier, Won't You Marry Me? Adams, Pam Adams, Pam Music-Folk Music K-2 American. Sing the text
Old Banjo, The Haseley, Dennis Gammel, Stephen Music-Timbre 3-5 Instruments. Father and Boy find old instruments on their farm
Old Chisholm Trail, The - A Cowboy Song Schanze, Rosalyn Schanze, Rosalyn Music-Folk Music 3-5 Cowboy. Sing the Song
Old MacDonald Had a Farm Adams, Pam Adams, Pam Music-Folk Music K-2 American. Sing the text
Once Upon MacDonald's Farm Gammel, Stephen Gammel, Stephen Music-Folk Music K-2 Animals-zoo. Sing Old MacDonald Had a zoo
One Bullfrog Hausman, Sid Hausman, Sid Music-Cumulative 3-5 Animals-desert. Counting with SW animals
Owl Moon Yolen, Jane Yolen, Jane Art-Texture 3-5 Animal-owl. Drawing with texture
Painter and the Wild Swans, The Clément, Claude Clément, Frederick Art-Folkart 3-5 Japanese calligraphy and painting wild swans
Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me Carle, Eric Carle, Eric Music-Dynamics K-2 Lullaby. Dramatize going up-down, loud-soft
Paperboy, The Pilkey, Dav Pilkey, Dav Art-Painting 3-5 Story of early in the morning. Painting. Cool colors
Picasso and the Girl with the Ponytail Anholt, Laurence Anholt, Laurence Art-Portraits 3-5 Bio-Picasso. Portrait lesson
Picture Book of Jewish Holidays Adler, David Heller, Linda Music-Folk Music 3-5 Jewish customs and practices.
Pictures at an Exhibition Celenza, Anna Harwell Kitchel, JoAnn E. Music-History 3-5 Bio-Mussorsky. Story of the composer and the musical work
Piggies in a Polka Appelt, Kathi Pham, LeUyen Music-Rhythm K-2 Animals-farm. Rhythmic text, writing descriptive words
Please, Baby, Please Lee, Spike and Tonya Nelson, Kadir Music-Rhythm K-2 Rhythmic text. Use rhythm patterns of words with instruments
Please, Puppy, Please Lee, Spike and Tonya Nelson, Kadir Music-Rhythm K-2 Rhythmic text. Use rhythm patterns of words with instruments
Possum come a-Knockin' Van Laan, Nancy Booth, George Music-Rhythm 3-5 Animal-opossum. Rhythmic text about an annoying opossum in the American South.
Prancing, Dancing Lily Arnold, Marsha Diane Manders, John Dance 3-5 Animal-cow. Conga line dancing
Rap a Tap Tap: Here's Bojangles Dillon, Leo and Diane Dillon, Leo and Diane Dance 3-5 Bio-Robinson. Bill "Bojangles" Robinson
Remarkable Farkle McBride, The Lithgow, Jonathan C.F. Payne Music-Timbre 3-5 Instruments. Introduction to music instrument families
Rooster's Off to See the World Carle, Eric Carle, Eric Music-Cumulative 3-5 Animals. Perform with cumulative speech pieces
Rumble in the Jungle Giles, Andreae Wojtowycz, David Music-Rhythm K-2 Animals-jungle, Use with instrumental sound effects
Senor Don Gato Manders, John Manders, John Music-Folktale 3-5 Animal-cat. Sing the text about a cat in Spain.
Shoo Fly! Trapani, Iza Trapani, Iza Music-Folk Music K-2 American. Sing the text, replace words
Sign of the Seahorse Base, Graeme Base, Graeme Drama 3-5 Rhythmic text. A tale of greed and high adventure in two acts.
Sing a Song of Sixpence Adams, Pam Adams, Pam Music-Folk Music K-2 English. Sing the book
Singing Snake, The Czernecki, Stefan Czernecki, Stefan Music-Folktale 3-5 Australia-aboriginal art. Myth of how didgeridoo was created.
Skeleton Hiccups Cuyler, Margery Schindler, S.D. Music-Rhythm K-2 Halloween. Read rhythmic text and play refrain "Hic, hic, hic" on instruments
Song and Dance Man Ackerman, Karen Gammell, Stephen Dance K-2 Soft shoe. Grandpa demonstrates old vaudeville act
Still-life Stew Pittman, Helena Clare Raymond, Victoria Art-Painting 3-5 Painting. Girl grows vegetables, paints them, makes a stew
Story of Blue Elk,Tthe Hausman, Gerald Rodanas, Kristina Drama 3-5 Native American. Elk helps a mute boy find his voice
Straight Line Wonder, The Fox, Mem Thomas, Meredith Art-Line K-2 Line. Straight line decides it's time to bend and twirl and jump.
Swing Around the Sun Esvensen, Barbara Chee, Cheng-Kee Music-Rhythm 3-5 Poems of the seasons
Tanka Tanka Skunk Webb, Steve Webb, Steve Music-Rhythm K-2 Animals-jungle. Rhythmic patterns
There was a Coyote Who Swallowed a Flea Ward, Jennifer Gray, Steve Music-Cumulative K-2 Animals-desert. Play instruments when characters appear
There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly Tabak, Simms
Taback, Simms
Music-Cumulative K-2 American. Play instruments when characters appear
There was an old lady Who Swallowed the Sea Adams, Pam Adams, Pam Music-Folk Music K-2 American. Sing the text
They Put on Masks Baylor, Byrd Ingram, Jerry Art-3-D 3-5 Native American-Many kinds of masks and their use
This house is Made of Mud Buchanan, Ken Tracy, Libba Art-3-D 3-5 Native American-Navajo. Life in a hogan
This is the House that Jack Built Adams, Pam Adams, Pam Music-Cumulative K-2 English. Sing the book
This Land is Your Land Guthrie, Woody Jakobsen, Kathy Music-Folk Music 3-5 American. Sing with book
This Old Man Adams, Pam Adams, Pam Music-Folk Music K-2 American. Sing the text, replace words
Three Billy Goats Gruff, The Finch, Mary Arenson, Roberta Music-Folktale K-2 Norway. Play instruments as characters appear
Thump-Thump, Rat-a-Tat-Tat Baer, Gene Ehlert, Lois Music-Dynamics K-2 Marching band gets louder and closer, then farther away and softer.
Tikki Tikki Tembo Mosel, Arlene lent, Blair Music-Folktale 3-5 China. Play rhythms on xylophones, use vocal inflection
Time for Bed Fox, Mem Dyer, Jane Music-Rhythm K-2 Lullaby. Rhythmic text and rhyming words
To Be a Drum Coleman, Evylyn Robinson, Aminah Music-History 3-5 African American. Story about slavery, and hope through drumming
Today is Monday Carle, Eric Carle, Eric Music-Folk Music K-2 American.Sing a song about the Days of the Week
Tuesday Wiesner. David Wiesner. David Music-Listening 3-5 Animal-frog. Picture book, play Wagner, "Ride of the Valkyries"
Turn! Turn! Turn Dillon, Leo & Diane Dillon, Leo & Diane Music-Folk Music 3-5 English. To Everything there is a season
Two left feet Stower, Adam Stower, Adam Dance 3-5 Dance. Rufus, a monster, has trouble dancing due to his two left feet
Very Busy Spider, The Carle, Eric Carle, Eric Music-Pattern AB K-2 Animal-spider. Make up a melody and sing the recurring words
Very Hungry Caterpillar, The Carle, Eric Carle, Eric Music-Inflection K-2 Animal-butterfly. Make paper butterflies, read book, and move to music
Voice of the wood, The Clément, Claude Clément, Frederick Music-Timbre 3-5 Instruments. Venetian tale about cello created by old instrument maker
Water hole, The Base, Graeme Base, Graeme Drama 3-5 Ecology. Animals visit a water hole, the water dwindles
What Charlie Heard Gerstein, Mordicai Gerstein, Mordicai Music-History 3-5 Bio-Ives. Story of the American Composer Charles Ives
When clay sings Baylor, Byrd Bahti, Tom Art-Clay 3-5 Native American. Customs of prehistoric SW tribes, designs on pottery
Why Mosquitoes Buzz in Peoples Ears Aardema, Verna Dillon, Leo and Diane Music-Folktale K-2 Africa. Cumulative. Mosquito annoys an iguana and a chain reaction ensues
Will's quill, or, How a goose saved Shakespeare Freeman, Don Freeman, Don Drama 3-5 Shakespeare for children, excellent period illustrations
Wombat Stew Vaughan, Marcia Lofts, Pamela Music-Folktale K-2 Australia. Chant ingredients as they are put in the stew
Worst Band in the Universe Base, Graeme Base, Graeme Music-Inspiration 3-5 Outer space. Sproc leaves Planet Bipp in search of musical freedom
Zin Zin Zin a Violin Moss, Lloyd Priceman,Marjorie Music-Timbre K-2 Instruments. Solo, duet, trio, etc. and instruments of the orchestra
Zoo-looking Fox, Mem Whitman, Candace Music-Rhythm K-2 Animals-zoo. Father and daughter's trip to the zoo. Sing recurring words.
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