UPDATE: Early Dismissal and Parent Pickup at Valle Vista ES — Wednesday, Jan. 16

UPDATE: Early Dismissal and Parent Pickup at Dolores Gonzales ES — Wednesday, Jan. 16

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Pre-Approval Grant Concept Form

Part I - Grant Impact & Pre-Proposal Approval

Complete this form prior to full preparation of grant proposals. As part of the pre-proposal process, grant opportunities under consideration must be pre-approved by the Principal, Leadership Member, and any affected departments prior to submission to the Grants Writer / Manager.

Supervising Principal / Department Director Approves?  

Have you contacted the appropriate department(s) to determine logistics for utilizing these resources?  


To ensure quality grant stewardship and alignment with district goals and strategic direction, all grant concepts will be submitted to the Grants Writer / Manager for review and inclusion into an appropriate process for drafting, completing, collecting final approvals, and formal submittal to the proposed funding source.