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Budget, Planning and Analysis documents (listed alphabetically).
Albuquerque Public Schools FY2017 Draft Budget
APS 2013 Approved Budget.pdf
APS 2014 Approved Budget
APS 2014 Approved Budget School Locations - Correction
This is a correction to the school budget location pages that left out some high school budget detail.
APS 2014 Draft Budget
Budget as presented for Approval to Albuquerque Public Schools Board of Education and to the New Mexico Public Education Department
APS 2015 Approved Budget
APS 2015 Draft Budget
The Draft Budget approved by the Board of Education May 21, 2014 for PED approval
APS 2016 Approved Budget
Fiscal Year 2016 Albuquerque Public Schools Budget
APS 2016 Location Budget Summaries
Errata from printed and submitted. Replaces pages 152-199
APS 2017 Approved Budget
APS Department Program Request
APS Program Budget Modification
This form is to request additional resources within a fiscal year above what was approved during the budget process (Budget Call) for critical-need items that have been identified during the school year.
August 2018-Budget Matters
Budget Matters Newsletter
Benefit Rate Worksheet FY17-18
Budget & Strategic Planning Organizational Chart
Budget FAQs
Budget Transfer Form
Budget Transfer Form
Budget Transfer Guidelines
Budget Transfer Memo
Department Assignment List