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Reduced Contracts for Year-Round Employees

We are recommending a four-day reduction to contracts for year-round employees, from 260 to 256 days. This would result in a pay cut of roughly 1.5 percent, but it would be spread across 26 paychecks to minimize the impact.

The four days would likely occur during the winter break when schools and administrative offices are closed (so employees no longer would need to use vacation or comp time.) Several employees affected by this proposal are represented by unions, so it is subject to negotiations for those groups.

We are recommending that we NOT reduce the pay of full-time employees who make less than $25,000 a year.

In addition, we are recommending that school-based employees including teachers, educational assistants and principals NOT see a reduction in pay.

Here's how to determine how the reduction could affect you if you currently work a 260-day year:

  1. Divide your annual salary by the number of days in your contract to determine your daily salary.
  2. Multiply your daily salary by the number of contract days reduced to determine your reduction in pay.
  3. Divide your reduction in pay by 26 to determine your gross reduction per paycheck.

For Example:

Current Salary
(Before taxes/benefits)




Daily Salary
(260 days)




Yearly Reduction




Paycheck Reduction (26 pay periods)