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Computer Techs and Staffing Changes

School-Based Computer Technicians

In an effort to be more efficient with less money, we are creating technology zones in the four quadrants of the district where skilled computer technicians will assist schools as needed, often remotely. As a result of this reorganization, 32 school technicians were released from their contracts, though they were encouraged to reapply for the newly created technician positions or other similarly-paying jobs.

Staffing Changes

There are at 250 people who were told that they would be reassigned or that their jobs were being eliminated as a result of reorganization, cutbacks or declining enrollment. They include:

  • 11 administrative positions (the result of 10 percent cuts to department budgets)
  • 9 assistant principals
  • 24 resource teachers 81 secondary teachers
  • 70 elementary teachers
  • 42 special education teachers
  • 19 educational assistants.

Most of these individuals have been placed on a priority hire list due to reductions in school budgets, often the result of lower enrollment. We hope to find a place for all of those who wish to continue working with the district, which is doable since this is within our normal rate of attrition. On average, we have between 500-600 employees who retire or resign each year.