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APS Working Cash

APS fronts cash to pay bills, then files claims for reimbursement.

The APS cash balance (which is like a savings account) is currently about $53 million. Though that sounds like a lot of money, it is really only about one month’s worth of expenses which include those that haven't yet been reimbursed by the state (the New Mexico Public Education Department is a repository for federal and grant money that it passes on to school districts).

Balances can very widely, including a high in June 2016 of $38 million. As of January, APS was owed more than $17 million in reimbursements.

APS Working Cash


What diminishes working cash? Reimbursable grants such as 

  • Title I: Public Schools
  • Entitlement IDEA-B
  • Preschool IDEA-B
  • Education of Homeless
  • Entitlement IDEA-B: Private Schools' Proportionate Share
  • 21st Century: Community and Schools
  • Workforce Readiness Program
  • IDEA-B Reallocation: Charters
  • NM Grown Fruits and Vegetables
  • Section 1003G
  • Student/Parent Portal
  • SIG Section 1003G Emerson/Eubank
  • English Language Acquisition
  • Social Workers for Middle School
  • Teacher Principal Training
  • Black Student Union
  • Title I Schools Involvement
  • Academic Language Development for All (ALD4ALL)
  • Jobs for New Mexico Graduates (JAG)
  • JAG Redistribution
  • Mott Grant After-School Alliance
  • Carl D. Perkins Secondary: Redistribution
  • Carl D. Perkins Secondary: Redistribution Odd
  • Car. D. Perks Secondary: Redistribution Even
  • Carl. D. Perkins HSTW: Current
  • Carls D. Perkins HSTW: Redistribution Even
  • Carl D. Perkins HSTW: Redistribution Odd
  • USHHC/CDC School Health
  • Dual Credit Materials
  • 2012 GOB Public School Library Award
  • NM Reads to Lead
  • Robotics
  • Truancy
  • Pre-K Initiative
  • Culturally Relevant Ed for Native Students
  • Indian Education Initiative Grant
  • Kindergarten 3 Plus
  • Kindergarten 3 Plus: Current