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Schools vs. Central Services

Two-thirds of the APS budget goes directly to the classroom, paying for teacher and educational assistant salaries.

Breakdown of Operational Funds

The following is a breakdown of where APS operational dollars go:

  • Direct Instruction (66%): Teachers, educational assistants, professional development
  • Maintenance and Operations (12%): Building maintenance, utilities, upkeep of grounds and equipment
  • Student Support (10%): Counselors, nurses, occupational therapy, psychological services
  • School Administration (5%): Principals, assistant principals, staff, graduation expenses
  • Instructional Support (3%): Librarians, media specialists, testing
  • Central Services (3%): Human resources, information technology, accounting, budgeting, accounts payable, purchasing, grants
  • Central Administration (0.9%): Superintendent, associate superintendents, APS Board of Education offices, bond elections
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